Ok, with a little help from LG (I think you could have done a better job than I did LG...) I finally wrote up my recap.
It's a little long, but I hope you enjoy.

Episode 3

10:34 pm ~ Twins leave first
“Get to airport then to Cape Town and find the cell that Nelson Mendela was kept for 18 years, to get next clue”

10:47 pm Chris and Alex and Nil and Tara

These three teams arrive around the same time at the airport, and find out that no flights will leave until the morning. I figure we have another “Great Equalizer” on our hands!

12:14am Mary and Peach

12:17am Gary and Dave (Woody informs us: “We live in an imaginary world where we are brilliant and obviously we’re not”)

12:22 Cyndi and Russell

1:14 Oswald and Danny

2:40 Where oh where are the Grannies?

Blake knows that the grannies have overslept, but does not wake them he says that it’s because he and Paige are in last place.

*********QUESTION~~~~ I notice that quite often we will get to hear one one member of a team has to say, now this time with Blake, they decide to put his name under him on screen. WHY THE HELL won’t they do that for the same sex teams that we actually get confused? Do they think we are going to get Blake mixed up with Paige? No! I want to know:
Which one is Woody Allen?
Which one hurt his ankle?
Which one has a crush on Tara?*************

3:17 37 minutes late the grannies depart.

3:35 Blake and Paige leave… or is it Paige and Blake, I just can’t tell these two apart.

SURPRISE all teams meet up at the airport.

6:50 and 7:00 all nine teams get flights to Sao Paulo.

Arrive in Sao Paulo to find that all the flights to South Africa are booked for the next two days. I want to know who the Minister of Tourism is for South Africa, as obviously everyone in Brazil is just dying to go there!

Twins and Pastors get a flight to London. Only the twins are then confirmed on a flight to Cape Town, the ministers are on stand by.

Gary and dave tell us they’ve been in the airport for 6 hours now. They get a flight to Lisbon, to London, then to Cape Town.

Os and Danny London to Cape Town

Peggy and Claire have forced the producers to really give the “chalk board” a work out as it shows us their flight path: Sao Paulo to New York, New York to London, London to Johannesburg, Johannesburg to Cape Town… Oh Dear!

Ah, the airport…….. more airport….more airport…..

**********LATE BREAKING NEWS*********

Cali has at this point decided to clean her downstairs toilet.


*************UPDATE*********** *****

Cali’s toilet is now lemony fresh.

Airport airport airport.

President Bush has an announcement to make, we now cut live to President Bush in the Oval Office……
“Thank you all for coming this evening, I’ve taken this opportunity to let everyone know how safe our airports really are. We received word from reliable intel that there was Tara in the airport, as you all know, I won’t back down from Tara and will not let these Tara-ists rule our lives. I believe we have taken the proper precautions, and airport travel will again start to speed up. Thank you again for coming”

Airport airport airport.

Chris and Alex To Frankfurt to Cape Town
Tara and Wil and Blake and Paige to London to Cape Town. Only Tara and Nil have a confirmed flight all the way to Cape Town.

It’s been 12 hours since they left the pit stop… or hell, maybe it’s been 36 hours and 53 minutes, I have no idea!

Shot of Peggy and Claire in New York.

WOO HOO, a plane is landing in Cape Town!

Gary and Dave, Tara and Wil and Oswald and Danny arrive first. We’re back to the race ladies and gentlemen.

The first three teams make the 9am ferry to Robben Island to find the jail cell.

9am Twins arrive in Cape Town
9:45 Mary and Peach arrive in Cape Town

Tara and Nil get clue first: Get to Kalk Bay Harbor.

Twins comment on how truly crappy it is that they cannot take the time to reflect on this historical place and on Mandela. They are sad that they have to get on with the race.

Grannies in London. Claire’s Alzheimer’s must have kicked in as she believes they will be able to skip costoms and just hop on the next flight. Well, dear, you can’t do that… they miss the flight.

Twins are told that the train would be the fastest and cheapest way to get to Kalk Bay Harbor. Mary and Peach take a cab.

Os and Dan, Tara and Nil and Gary and Dave arrive at the harbor to find “The Village People” dancing. Actually this is the try outs for the newest member, a sewer worker.

Teams must decide whether to try dancing to make $2.50 in tips or haul 275 lbs of fish to the end of the dock.

Os and Dan don’t want to stink, so they choose to dance, as do the others, Oswald likens it to an “Irish riverdance on crack”.

Gary and Dave make the $2.50 first.

NEXT: Get to Langa Township and find Paradise Hair Salon in Zone 23 for your next clue.

Blake and Paige get to jail cell.

Langa Township is a little shanty town. Teams find the hair salon, and the next clue:
One person with a good sense of direction and a strong stomach is best suited for this one. Woody Allen tells us “My stomach is the strongest part of my body”
This person must buy Epsom salts and a smilie, then bring them to a local healer, Ndaba Sangoma, he will make a potion which you must drink, then give you your next clue.

Oswald – WOO HOO, I can tell them apart, he’s the taller of the two, and he introduced himself to a guy named Tami. They have a nice talk while going to get the Epsom salts and smilie **** Personally I think that Oswald's people skills will get this team very far in this game, it was really nice to see him making friends.****

WAIT, WHO CHANGED THE CHANNEL? Alright, well now we are watching The Discovery Channel. People in some remote village are skinning and axing a sheep’s head. The top of the skull is off and we can see the brains, wow, imagine my surprise to hear that Woody Allen is narrating this show “…Uhg, I can’t do that, it’s not fair, it’s not right. Where’s PETA when you need them”

OOPS, I AM still watching the Amazing Race, this is how a “smilie” is made. Uhg.

Although, by the looks of his shop, Ndaba looks to be some kind of Voodoo witch Doctor we are happy to notice a sign that informs us he is really an “Herbal Chemist”. Whew, I was worried.

Oswald knocks and says “Hello, may I come in”
I note this only because I was so happy to hear MAY instead of CAN! Three cheers for Oswald!

They all drink and are given directions to the next PIT STOP. Get to Lanzerac Manor in the heart of the South African Wine Country.

Mary and Peach dance, well they try to. White men can’t jump and white girls can’t dance.

Hmmmmm, tension between the pastors?
Russell: “What are you DOING
Cyndi: “What?”
Russell: “ What are you going so slow for” (Please note that she’s about one and a half steps behind him)
Cyndi: “I’m going fast honey”

EEEWWWWWW that VOICE! Stepford Wives anyone?
Mary and Peach are on the train. They ask a woman about Langa Town ship.
They get the following response:
“If you go there, there’s nothing but criminals, they will take all this” (points to back packs ) “ and will kill you”
Another passenger adds: “Only thing I can say is if you like to be alive, don’t go there”

Now we’ve had the luxury of already “being” in Langa Township, so we know better, but Mary and Peach are scared, and rightfully so. I give them their props as they head off for the MURDERERS VILLAGE.

Blake and Paige dance.
Twins start to go for fish, but decide to dance instead. They liken themselves to Twin Urkels in their dancing outfits.


1st Oswald and Danny
2nd Tara and Nil
3rd Gary and Dave

Back to Shanty town. Now I think I have Mary and Peach figured out, if I do then Mary went to drink the potion and Peach stayed to wait. She remembered sunglasses that Mary had given her for just such an occasion. Peach gives them out to the children and is honestly touched by how happy it makes them.

Chris and Alex and The Pastors decide to haul the fish. Chris and Alex make short work of it, then they help the pastors who are short a few pounds. This is amazing to me, as they have not seen any other teams, and have no idea what place they are in right now.

4th Mary and Peach (alive and well)
5th and 6th The Twins and Blake and Paige. Blake and Paige have made a habit out of jumping on the mat WITH another team. What’s going to happen when yet another team lets them do this and they are actually in last place?????
7th Chris and Alex
8th Cyndi and Russell

Grannies are boarding a flight from London. Presumably to Johannesburg, then onto Cape Town. When they find Mandela’s cell, their clue directs them strait to the Pit Stop. Other teams are seen on camera as they praise the grannies, but there are no teams actually there to meet them…. I guess they’ve all left for the next leg of The Amazing Race.