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Thread: Drastic Changes to TAR5???

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    Here's a thought, what if they had TWO roadblocks for each leg. The kicker is that the person who doesn't do the first roadblock HAS to do the second one. This eliminates only one person doing ALL the roadblocks. This would also force teams to use more strategy as far as who does which roadblock when.

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    That would be interesting, green And I actually think that would make it more interesting.

    Hey, a "twist" I like!

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    i think the show is a big twist all by itself...one day your in this city/country, the next day your in a totally different environment...just when you think your getting a hang of things it changes...just when you think you have a big lead...you dont...just when you think you found a shortcut, you end up in jail...get the drift?

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    hm......i wnder if it's true??

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