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Thread: Post-Emmys interview of Elise Doganieri

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    Post-Emmys interview of Elise Doganieri

    TARflies has a great post-Emmys interview with the lovely Elise Doganieri, co-creator and producer of The Amazing Race. Really interesting interview--particularly with her appreciation of the show's fans, her insights on how the show is made, and her hopeful views on a franchised TAR for International versions, and entire season DVD sets.

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    So according to this article they still do not have the offical pronoucement by CBS that there will be TAR5. I guess that means my earlier post based on the other article I read was moving a little too fast. My Bad. I guess unless I see that the pronouncement is directly from CBS, I shouldn't believe it. Still it sounds very good for TAR5's chances, I just wish CBS would come out and make their commitment to it AND MAKE IT OFFICIAL ALREADY!! Why string people along to the edge, spend all sorts of money and then drop it.

    This is a great article by the way, really enjoyed the article. Everything she says in here with the exception of what we now know about the casting are the exact reasons I love this show and what makes it the best show on television. For instance when she talks about "finding things that are unique to the cultures they are in and indigenous to the people and choosing challenges that keep in tune with what is going on in that area", that right there is exactly what makes this show such a great show.

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    Thanks Imbiyerna!

    Thanks Imbiyerna! It was a great interview to read!

    I just hope that CBS approves the:

    a.) TAR1 to 4 DVD (box set). And very soon! Say before Christmas '03?

    b.) All Star Race - Top 3 teams from TAR1 to TAR4 to be broadcast
    next year late 2004 after TAR5!

    That's It! Not too much to ask! Then I'm Happy! We're all happy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CJT
    ......b.) All Star Race - Top 3 teams from TAR1 to TAR4 to be broadcast next year late 2004 after TAR5!

    That's It! Not too much to ask! Then I'm Happy! We're all happy!
    Good idea! They could compet again each other on a very mini TAR.

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    I'm just thrilled at Elise's enthusiasm about a DVD set possibility. Producing a DVD set shouldn't be that expensive; they can fit 12 episodes on 3 discs, with the 4th disc containing the final episode and a ton of bonus material. It will take a lot of time though--and I guess for this, we should all continue the polite snail mail requests to CBS for their go-signal.

    I'm still having a difficult time believing that CBS produces DVD sets for Big Brother, which for me is about as exciting as watching my laundry do another spin dry cycle, rather than more viewable fare like TAR or even Survivor.

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    There doing a DVD of the entire season of BB3; it says 32 episodes on 9 discs (and here I thought there were more than that.) So I don't see why CBS won't do one of TAR. I just hope they put out the actual show and not something like they did with the first 2 Survivor DVD's.
    This interview was done before CBS confirmed gave the show a green light, which is why she said they weren't sure whether it would happen or not.
    I'm all for an all star race, but why does everyone want the top teams brought back? I seem to be in the minority when I say I want teams brought back that went out first all the way to teams that came in the top 3. Give us a variety.

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