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Thread: Those who never made it...

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    Those who never made it...

    This is funny... I stumble upon it accidentally...

    Teams Who Aren't On 'The Amazing Race 4'

    Earl & Nadine: Neighbors Fighting Over Property Boundaries

    Pasquale & Robert: Mugger and Victim

    Amelia & Courtney: Allergic to Cats / Both Have Size 9 Feet

    Delia & Hutch: Hobo Grifters

    Tiffany & Amber: Cousins of Pop Stars

    Tiny & Lamar: Shared A Cell In Prison

    Darth and Luke: Estranged Father & Son

    Gloria & Margaret: Alcoholic Wives of Senators

    Dave & Jeremy: Nailed Eachothers' Moms

    Moonhawk & Straightrazor: Fighter Pilots

    Ginger & Rose: Diseased Strippers

    Aurek & Bronislaw: Homophobic Immigrant Carpenters

    Gabriel & Tycho: Inventors of the Fruit-fucker 2000

    Miss Hamilton & Timmy: Regularly Spend Detentions Together

    Bruce & Dick: Eccentric Millionaire and Embittered Ward

    Janice & Carl: Grade School Teachers Having An Extramarital Affair

    Bob & Katie: Tantric Sex Enthusiasts

    Ruger & Hinrich: Former Nazi Prison Camp Guards

    John & Jane: Witness Relocation Program Participants

    Ramona & Sue: Lesbian Ultimate Fighting Tag Team Champs

    Cecil & Philbert: Incontinent Elderly Men

    Garth & Lisa: Met In Trauma Unit After Both Suffered Brain Hemorrhage While Watching 9pm Showing of Magnolia at the Evergreen Meadows Mall in Poughkeepsie.

    Matt & Ben: Dating

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    The things people do to describe themselves...

    To get on The Amazing Race...

    Hope you FORT-ers don't make the same mistake when submitting your application forms... !

    (I will have make up this too ! )

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    Man, this is really good...

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