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Thread: My CBS TAR contact weighs in about applications

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    Quote Originally Posted by John
    The making-it-public was the glitch, not the creation of the documents. If they decide not to renew the show, you'd never see them. If they decide to renew the show, they can "go live" immediately.
    True. Some web sites are automated to make certain pages go "live" at a certain date or time. I think it was standard operating procedure that prompted the creation of the TAR5 application pages, and perhaps a webmaster set the TAR5 application pages to be active on that date. However, when no official word from CBS was announced of a renewal, they realized the error and made the pages inaccessible again.

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    I hope you didn't think I was putting down your contact. It wasn't meant to come across that way. I put the little smilies at the end of that first paragraph to let it be known that it was said in fun. I just thought it was pretty obvious that the "whole thing" wasn't just glitch (like many others have concurred). It seemed pretty clear that TAR5 apps were very much in the works and someone somewhere goofed.

    Anyway, just thought I should clarify.

    And as I sort of predicted, they were back last night, hopefully for real this time.

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    Your "contact" is not very high up the chain, apparently. Otherwise, you would have known that the apps were "live" all along.

    Just food for thought!

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