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Thread: TAR5 Applications are up

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    I'm quite sorry to say that as of 11:30 PM, Chicago time, the pages are no longer there on the CBS site; it seems that they have been pulled out of the web site until further notice. I'm still hoping though, and will definitely push through with our applications once official word is announced. *crosses fingers*

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    Can someone post a link the the application that they downloaded? In case the thumbs up comes up it would be nice to have it done and ready to go...

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    woohoo~ i hope TAR 5 will be aired here in New Zealand.....dunno why but i have this feeling that New Zealand won't aired TAR anymore...

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    acid jazz
    Im so glad to hear this very good news. Whew! seems like TAR isn't on bubble afterall, well okay, it was before but not now.

    I think the fans has a lot to do with the decision to keep TAR including a boost in the ratings and also more and more people are getting hooked all across the globe. Im so glad that the people behind this great show was able to see how amazing their show is despite the lack of ratings that they want to see.

    Thank you to Mr. Jerry Bruckheimer for making the call ... you're the man! and ofcourse to all the people behind TAR for giving the show another chance and lastly to all the loyal fans out there! ..... "CHEERS!"

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    acid jazz
    I was able to check out the link although while I was browsing it, an error came up.

    *I was wishin' I can apply*

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    I think this is a good thing, as it (probably) confirms TAR 5. Excellent.

    My guess as to why it was pulled? An October 8 deadline makes a whole lot more sense if TAR 4 had aired around March. This was probably a version of the page and the application that was made up before TAR 4 was postponed.

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    For those who are wondering, the links for the application and eligibility info are as follows, although THEY DO NOT WORK AT THE TIME OF THIS MESSAGE:



    I'm 99.9% sure that these links will work again soon. I guess CBS is just revamping some of the info posted on in their pdf files. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a TAR5, but I'm optimistic enough to say that there will be a TAR5.
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    WHOOPEE!! This is great news! Definitely looking forward

    What TAR5 needs is a FORT team! Is anyone applying?? Jenn? Jack? John?? Just someone do it!

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    I would take all of this only as an indication that the situation is not dead in the water. I would not take it yet as an assurance a fifth season is safe.
    If you haven't written to CBS, NOW would be a very good time.
    >|p >|p

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    Yay!!!! This is the best news I've heard in a very long time!!!

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