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Thread: Favorite: Detour? Roadblock? Fast Forward?

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    Favorite: Detour? Roadblock? Fast Forward?

    Do you have any all-time favorites in these categories? You don't have to list by season, just put any that come to mind.

    My favorite roadblock was in season 1, when the final 5 teams had to go through the temple of rats (I think this was in India). I'll never forget Margarita, with that look of determination on her face, never letting the rats affect her. My second favorite was in early season 3 (I think they were in Scotland or Ireland) when one team member had to throw a shot put and do other things. This cracked me up because Teri agreed to do the task, not realizing what it was, and then Ian was haggling her all the way as she tried to finish the thing in peace. I also liked the mask roadblock in season 4/episode 2. Of all the detours, the one I enjoyed the most (at the time and looking back) was Cha Cha Cha running through the streets in their dragon costume. Another good one was Gutsy Grannies meeting the woman on the beach in Brazil. One of my favorites in season 3 was rowing in the gondola, because Ken and Gerard kept falling out of the gondola, laughing and bowing to the reactions of the locals watching.

    Fast Forwards: The orangutan FF with Reichen and Chip is the one I most clearly remember and enjoyed, probably because of how lighthearted the task was. For sheer coolness, the one that sticks out is the FF the father and son got in season 3. Driving around in the tank, then being escorted to the pit stop in a limo (too bad they got there in last place though).

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    Season 4... favorite -Roadblock: the arrow,pipe and stick (forgot country)....favorite - detour: I really didnt like this season's detour but i guess the best one was the 500 pounds of cheese or cow poop hehe... fav FF was millie and chucks wind mill
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    My favorite Detour was The Gutsy Grannies' finding the woman who inspired the Girl from Iponema. I love that song. My favorite FF was Steve and Josh walking through the ballroom, full of waltzers, with trays of champaigne. For Roadblock I guess I liked the mask one in TAR4 most. I'm having trouble thinking of the other ones...

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    I think that this was season one the teams (this was a while ago where they had gone either slide for life or bungeed into a gorge.. snowrafting this year was cool.
    detour was the mask search of this last one
    fast forward windmill this year
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    acid jazz
    Roadblock: The Mask in TAR 4 (freakin' cooL!)

    Detour: Can't think of any right now, I have plenty, hehe

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    Favourite Detour? The Cheese/Poop one was pretty darn memorable. And the Strong Hands/Stomach detour was great if only to see the looks on the Chipsters/Goats' faces. I can't quite remember all the Roadblocks right now, so I'll have to go with the Ice-Swim in Korea - because I'm shallow and I loved watching all the half-naked boys in the water. Yeah.

    Best FF was the Orangutan sanctuary one - both for the adorable way the Chipsters reacted to the animals and for stumping JoKe so that we had an exciting finish with them and Chillie.

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    1. Sky-diving
    2. Horse-riding
    3. Beethoven/Mozart

    1. Mask Party (it's like walking in fantasy, in the early century)
    2. Bungee Jumping ()
    3. Bull-Racing (Tian rocks !)

    Fast Forward
    1. Steve and Josh - walking through couples dancing with a tray of glasses
    2. Tian and Jaree - Puzzling a set of pieces to a huge puzzle
    3. Millie and Chuck - Windmill
    4. Reichen and Chip - Feeding the Orang Utah
    5. Steve and Dave - Skit

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    1. Swimming under water with sharks
    2. Swimming in cold freezing water
    3. Mask Party

    1. Strong hands/Strong Stomach
    2. Baskets/Trunks
    3. Mozart/Beethoven

    Fast Forward:
    1. Lifeguard test
    2. Hand feeding Orangutans
    3. Walking through waltzing couples

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    Quote Originally Posted by lalol

    2. Baskets/Trunks


    I think that was REALLY funny only in that we got to see Reichen and CHip running around with chickens, trying to get them in the basket, and then asking all the locals if they knew (pronounced Gogi, no idea how its spelled) where the chicken farm was. Also all the guys commenting on how much it 'hurt' to ride the elephant

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    Quote Originally Posted by rc4life
    Also all the guys commenting on how much it 'hurt' to ride the elephant
    don't forget Kelly's cookie.

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