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Thread: Our Interview with Reichen and Chip, the Winners

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    Thanks John for that very informative interview~ *big hugz* Really provided us insights into what Chip and Reichen really are behind the camera. Both of them are really nice people with a great sense of humour. That's for all the other racers as well. I practically love Tian and Jaree after seeing how happy they were for Chip and Reichen when they ran in.

    Sad to know that they are having problems in their relationship, but I'm sure the love between them will resolve everything. Just as I'm sure Millie and Chuck can't just shake off their 12 years relationship. The attention they're getting from the media due to TAR probably ain't very good but that's just a test for them. Ha, I always thought Jon and Kelly were compatible. They practically had the same character. Both very irritatin but entertaining~

    It's amazing what TV can do. At first I was quite sure Kelly and Jon and Chip and Reichen got along very well after that train scene but that sort of became diluted along the way. I'm happy to know they are good friends now~ Lucky people at TARcon. Hope to see the photos soon!

    I'd always thought contestants on TAR were all chosen by interviews, casting agents never came into my mind. But if not for that agent with the sharp eye, we'll probably not see Chip and Reichen on TAR! This is all fate...
    ~~ Failure is all but a detour to success~~

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    Great interview.. Sad to hear that their relationship is on the rocks.. I am sure most relationships go through such things when you are exposed majorly in the lime light and many more interesting people get interested in you.. and you think you can find better.. That's truely sad..

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    Quote Originally Posted by John
    Reichen: Yeah, we talked to Michael Jackson about orangutan ownership, and he was all for it.

    Great interview! I hope they work out their problems

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    Foggy Doggy
    Quote Originally Posted by marybethp

    Great interview! I hope they work out their problems
    I'm sure they will, and that may be that is to go separate ways in the end. I just hope everyone here will remember that it's their personal business and not ours to speculate on.

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    Thanks for another fantastic interview, John!

    Best of luck to both Reichen and Chip!

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    Thanks John! Loved the interview, of course.

    I hope Reichen and Chip can work through their problems. Best of luck to them however it turns out.

    And as for the whole casting agent thing, I'm OK with it. I know it's disappointing for all those huge fans and TAR contestant hopefuls, but I don't think that anyone deserves to be on the show more or less based on their TAR fanatic status. Nor do I think that anyone deserves to win any more or less based on that either.

    CONGRATS! I'm glad you guys won!

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    Loved the interview, John.

    I was sorry to hear that the rumors have some truth to them. I feel bad for Reichen and Chip if they feel like they have to stay together to stick up for gay marriage. Heterosexual marriages fall apart, too. Besides, though I have been told by gay male friends that male couples do have a hard time making it last long-term, I understand that female couples actually have greater lasting ability than male-female couples. I don't know this first hand and am aware of no studies on the issue, but I can see why that would be the case. Shouldn't it all average out then to be the same (even if an assumed lack of longevity were a reason to be against gay marriage).

    I hope they can work things out, not so much for the institution of gay marriage but because I think that they make a good couple. Chip is a little intense, but Reichen balances that out it seems to me. And, I got the impression that Chip was there for Reichen through the military issues.

    It was interesting to see that Jon's gay comments weren't what they appeared to be in the editing. I was glad about that. Jon is still a big jerk, but I no longer think he is a homophobic, big jerk.

    It was also nice to hear that Millie and Chuck took the time to say something nice to Reichen as well.

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    Wonderful interview, John! As usual, you ask the right questions to bring out the real people behind the racers!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rc'smum
    Wonderful interview, John! As usual, you ask the right questions to bring out the real people behind the racers!
    you sound like such a cool mom! you would know if John asked the right questions

    I wish nothing but the best for Chip and Reichen, good luck guys
    The greatest gift is to love and to be loved in return..The Moulin Rouge

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    great interview John, you do such a great job with the questions to show the real people!

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