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Thread: Our Interview with Reichen and Chip, the Winners

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    I have been lurking around here for weeks. But have been a fan of R& C for a long time. I am saddened by the fact that their relationship is not how it was. I suppose I had idolized them into being the perfect couple and now with the knowledge their marriage, if they even still consider it that, is on the rocks, I feel dispair for all relationships.

    I am a straight female, involved with my bf for 3.5 yrs and after watching R&C on tv, I felt a sense of hope- hope that there is true, and long lasting love. However, the fact that they allowed issues get between them has disheartened me. I hope for the best. Good luck guys

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    I pray that Reichen and Chip will work out their "Detour" and "Roadblock" in their life so that they will have a lasting relationship. I am sure they can, because there is no smooth sailing in any relationship. In fact, they would have a better and stronger relationship now, more than ever. I really enjoyed reading their interview, honest and no cover up about their relationship. Thank you so much to John for providing us with this interview.

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    i guess it looks like waht Jon said in his interview is true..him and Kelly is the only couple who's going strong in their relationship. Best of luck to Reichen and Chip, but I do hope they agree to get back together soon!

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    That was a really terrific interview, John... thank you for that, and for all the interviews you've done over the last 13 weeks.

    My initial impression of Reichen & Chip still stands... they are good, kind, decent, well-rounded guys.

    It's sad that they've encountered some difficult times in their relationship, but I firmly believe that if you have a solid foundation, and if both partners really want to make it work, then any obstacle can be overcome.

    Even though they've become the "poster boys" for gay relationships, I hope they don't expend useless energy worrying about being role-models. I think they should just focus on themselves, and their relationship. Everything else will fall into place.

    And hopefully their foundation will remain strong, and all the well-wishes and good vibes their fans are sending their way, will help them find the strength to keep fighting the good fight.

    You may have already won Amazing Race, but we're all still rooting for you, guys!!!


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    Great interview, Jon! I've been waiting all season for this!

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    Thanks for the great interview

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    Congrats Reichen and Chip!!!

    My wife and I really enjoy watching how both of you (Reichen and Chip) are constantly loyal to each other. I was born in Malaysia and we just visited Malaysia last summer and so its was really nice to see that episode of Chip and Reichen in Malaysia...and especially the part where they spent some nice quiet time with the native Orangutan (literally means "Human of the Jungle")....We hope the best for you guys...thanks for being so candid in your interview...we've all become attached to you guys....

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    Fantastic interview, John! They seem like really nice guys.

    I was saddened to hear about their relationship being on the rocks because I felth their relationship was one of the more mature and respectful ones on the show.

    Congratulations R&C on winning, my thoughts go out to you and hope you are able to find happiness in your life!
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    John, you are awesome! The FORT's interviews ROCK!

    Thanks for Reichen and Chip for taking time to speak to the FORT. And congratulations on your victory!
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    Thanks so much. This is yet another great interview. I wish R&C nothing but the best. They really ran a GREAT race.

    I hope they get everything figured out so they can both be happy.

    I must say that it bothers me that 2 of the final 3 teams didn't even apply for the show
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