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Thread: Our Interview with Reichen and Chip, the Winners

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    Where every FORT member is... I gotta hurry while posting before all the posts start flooding in. Thanks John for the all-time excellent interviews!!!

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    I really hope they will stay together. They are so compatible to each other, it's like the Chinese symbol of Yin and Yan. A perfect match

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    Its on like Donkey Kong! DarKensoul7's Avatar
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    Great interview, i wish it was longer hehe. Great Job John!! I hope nothing but the best for Reichen and Chip
    "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."

    -Albert Einstein

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    Thanks John!
    After reading D&J and this interview, it seems that casting agents for TAR are doing very good jobs!

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    I was wondering when the interview would be done.
    Man it figures they'd have to leave for another interview. bummer.
    I wondered how bad the race aftermath stress would be. It's relieving to hear that they together and are working on their relationship and not split up.
    It shows that they do respect the relationship, like a true marriage. You don't just walk off just because things are a little rough. You work thru it.

    Sad how TV editing manipulates stories, but that's tv no suspense or drama, no viewers
    thanks John for getting what you could.

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    Great interview as always, John. It's sad to hear their relationship is in some trouble, but hopefully they'll sort things out. And even if they broke up, at least they can have some wonderful memories to look back on. So good luck Chipsters.

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    Thanks so much for that interview! I'm still excited from last nights show. ...even after I slept just now.(I just woke up and turned on the PC right away)

    It's cool to know that Jon/Kelly and Reichen/Chip are that close and fun. I was surprised that Reichen & Jon came 'arm in arm' together for the TAR party...that's so sweet.

    THANK YOU CHIP & REICHEN for being yourselves in Amazing Race! Here's my love to both of you and all the brave gays around the world.

    Take Care Everyone,

    from Singapore

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    Wow! That was an amazing interview John! Great Job!!!
    It's good that we got some answers to what was lingering
    in our minds... ie. their relationship. I hope they work out
    whatever differences they may have and overcome all the trials
    in life... They had overcome all the adversities in the race,
    the media and the critics. I hope they come out standing proud and
    tall and STILL TOGETHER!!! I believe that they were destined to
    be together. It's good to hear from Reichen that they still
    love each other very much. And that's the most important
    thing in a relationship. I wish Reichen all the best in his
    acting career. Quite surprising but I know he will do good.
    I'm also glad they clarified that they had to do the pit stop
    all over again (wish CBS showed this to silence critics).
    Overall, the interview was WORTH THE WAIT!!! Bravo!!!

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    HURRAH! Finally! The best interview of the lot! Now I can rest easy after reading this!!


    They made my 'American Hero List'!!!!!

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    First post here....I only found this site on Thursday night...This place is great...great interview!

    Congratulations to Chip & Reichen...can't wait to see Reichen in Fraiser hehe

    Hopefully they will set a positive image for gays everywhere....

    As we saw with the taxi incident, everyone has their breaking point...it's good to see they are just like everyone else, and I truly hope everything works out for them and they stay together.


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