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Thread: Our Interview with Kelly and Jon

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    Thanks for the interview.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ruben_of_205
    What can I say.. Kelly and Jon are just impressive. I mean they caught up to Reichen and Chip from couple hours behind. I am disappointed that they didn't win. :cry
    I'm with you, Ruben!

    I was totally impressed with Kelly's unflagging energy. As the season progressed, her bond with Jon grew stronger and stronger. They kept each other going and were so proud and supportive of one another. The gift that they got from having this adventure together far outweighs the million dollar prize. Or not.

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    vanilla ice
    Good interview!

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    acid jazz
    nice interview john!

    im happy for kelly and jon, im glad they're doin' great together.

    to kelly and john, thank you for all the fun and laughter that you've provided for the show. you guys ran a pretty good race, proud of yah!

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    Well, they don't really seem that bad. Wait...did I say that? Yes, I'm serious.

    Good work, Jon/Kelly, and great interview, John!

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    Great interview! I really liked Kelly and Jon. They were a strong team, and didn't get too stressed out, like some other teams. They were my favorite after episode 2, and I'm glad they made it so far. Good job to them! And I thought their nicknames were hilarious.

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    Interesting interview John.
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    Poor Mille is still getting it from these two even in the interviews
    per Zaius
    Well, actually, they are just responding to the comments she made about them in her post race interviews, just desserts and all. I'm with Kelly BuffJon was a damn good racer, for all his silliness, he kicked butt doing almost every roadblock w/o a buff buddy to alternate tasks with ...amazing job, Jon. Congrads to both and may they keep that attitude that the best is yet to come.

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    So, they were smarter, we were dumber, that's it.
    Don't do yourselves down Kelly, you ran a great race.
    Thanks so much for the interview
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    WOW, kelly and jon are so awesome!!!! I heard that Millie and Chuck are working things out on the marriage thing...............

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