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Thread: Our Interview with David and Jeff

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    Wait, who are these guys? Were they in the race?

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    I really wanted these two guys to win, they really frow on you and you could see they had a great attitude about it all.

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    acid jazz
    great interview again john!

    these two are one of the nicest team this season!
    they ran a fair and clean race and were almost always cool all the time!

    congrats to you two! wish yah all the best!

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    Great interview. I was a little disappointed to read that they were approached to be on the show by the casting crew... They didn't even have to send in an audition tape... Maybe I'm just bitter, because they were my least favorite team.

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    I hope they too build a website!!!

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    D-Day for David and Jeff

    David and Jeff got on QF 60 from Cairns to Sydney from Cairns’ International terminal. QF 60 was an International segment flown domestically so the duo would have arrived at the Int’l terminal in Sydney as well, saving them from having to take any bus to change terminal. QF 60 is a daily flight from Cairns to Sydney. The approximate time of arrival into Sydney is around 10:40 AM Sydney time (Source: www.qantas.com.au) everyday.

    Once in Sydney, there are up to 3 flights a day on Qantas to Los Angeles or at least 2 daily flights. February 13th, 2003 was a Thursday so Qantas had 2 direct flights that day.

    1) QF 107 leaving Sydney at 12:35 PM getting into L.A. at 7 AM PST.
    2) QF 11 leaving Sydney at 3:35 PM getting into L.A. at 10 AM PST
    (Source: www.qantas.com.au)

    Other alternatives included United and Air New Zealand:

    a) UA 816 leaving Sydney at 4:15 PM getting into L.A. at 10:40 AM PST
    (Source: www.star-alliance.com)

    You are going to ask, why going to L.A., they are supposed to go to Hawaii? The answer is very simple, that’s the only way to go given the timing they got into Sydney. Keep reading and you will find out.

    Since they got into Sydney around 10:40 AM, already cleared the Australian immigration in Cairns (remember they ‘exited’ Australia already in Cairns), they wouldn’t be subject to additional security check except at the gate in Sydney for connection if they remain inside the Int’l Terminal. They had almost two hours to get on the flight to L.A., which is QF 107 (they also had plenty of time to find it out and book it as well). Now assume, they were successful and got on QF 107, what next? They would be getting into L.A. at 7AM local time, February 13th, 2003!. Once in L.A., they would buy a connection to Kona, Hawaii either direct or via Honolulu. Here are the two best options that day:

    1) TZ (ATA) flight 755 leaving L.A. at 8:00 AM to Honolulu then connect on AQ (Aloha Air) flight 486 to arrive Kona at 1:50 PM local time.
    2) AA (American Airlines) flight 257 leaving L.A. at 10:40 AM directly to Kona and arriving there at 2:26 local time.

    (Source: www.travelocity.com)

    I’d like to point out that option 1 was tight due to only 1 hour of connecting time in L.A. and they had to clear the U.S. Immigration which may take up to a good 15~30 minutes depending on the volume of the passengers. However, option 1 can be potentially very rewarding in the sense that ATA gets into Honolulu at 11:52 AM local time and Hawaiian Airlines have two flights to Kona, one at 12:30 PM and another at 12:50 PM which may get them into Kona as early as 1:10 PM. Just to give you an idea, Kelly and Jon got into Honolulu around 8 AM and had to wait a few flights before getting into Kona. I estimated they flew into Kona around 10:40 AM or just before 11 AM. In other words, David and Jeff could have trailed behind by only two hours in Hawaii and they had plenty of time to drive down to the Kapalua Bay (at maximum speed, I say one hour away driving), do the Road Block and head for the Volcanoes National Park, then head to Hilo (save time – shorter route). So long as they can get into Hilo for the 7:30~7:40 PM (last flights) to Honolulu from the Hawaii on Hawaiian or Aloha Air. (Source: www.travelocity.com) Given them about 6 hours or so to drive and complete the roadblock, I say they had plenty of time. The drive + Roadblock + drive again to find the clue and head for Hilo would take, I say no more than 4 hours in total. Hawaii is not that big and especially if they drive very fast. Recall the flight out of Honolulu to Phoenix was no earlier than 11 PM so if they had got into Honolulu, the bunching would have saved them…

    As I have demonstrated here, they indeed could have saved themselves but they failed miserably. To add insult to injury, I noticed they took Qantas from Sydney to Honolulu next day as opposed to Air Canada due to the clear Oneworld logo on the plane they boarded in Sydney (Qantas is part of Oneworld alliance), well, they really haven’t done their research, haven’t they. Air Canada leaves about a good 45 minutes before Qantas… You would think at least they would get that right after being stuck in Sydney for almost 24 hours, ah well.

    Note: All information regarding arrival times are based on current timetable for February 2004, therefore, there might be slight differences but largely within the same time slot since daily flights never change too much especially those long trans-continentals like Sydney to Los Angeles
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    Wow, Tsutroi. Wow. I'm amazed. You really did your work.

    It's such a shame that David and Jeff got to Hawaii as late as they did (I'm going to guess maybe 12+ hours) when they could have saved themselves. But I don't think that I would have thought of going to Honolulu thorugh LA either.
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    They still have 1 month of vacation because of the trips they have won

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    Quote Originally Posted by haejin11377
    Wow, Tsutroi. Wow. I'm amazed. You really did your work.

    It's such a shame that David and Jeff got to Hawaii as late as they did (I'm going to guess maybe 12+ hours) when they could have saved themselves. But I don't think that I would have thought of going to Honolulu thorugh LA either.
    In David and Jeff's defense, the solution I provided look simple but is very complicate in fact. I don't expect any travel agent or any ticket sales person being able to provide such multi-segment solution to their problem. Plus, I am very familiar with Australia, the flights within Australia, Qantas, laws/regulations, airport connections, terminal changes --everything in Australia, I know it by heart. Whereas I think David and Jeff have probably never been there, so it's kind unfair for purpose of comparison. I also know attempting to connect via Auckland (New Zealand) or any of the Pacific Islands such as Fiji's Nandi or Tahiti's Papeete (Pago Pago in the case of Hawaiian's flight to Honolulu) are all waste of time all together. How? Because I know either they had one flight a week to Honolulu or no more than 3 per week like say in the case of Auckland-Honolulu. Plus, it was just impossible to connect from Sydney to any of those islands and stay on time, IMPOSSIBLE. So if I were them, I wouldn't even bother with checking connections through there so I wouldn't be wasting valuable time chekcing those useless options that I knew wouldnt' work.

    How long did it take for me to get this solution? Well, using only Internet, it took me about 20 minutes in total to check/double-check/confirm my hypothesis and I could book it directly online and just pick up the ticket at counter. You have to know what you are doing and travel experience helped a lot, really. It saved you from wasting valuable time. If you dont' know what you are doing, even 24 hours wouldnt' help you much like in the case of David and Jeff just we saw they ended up Qantas flight instead of Air Canada...

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    Great interview, John!
    He who laughs last thinks slowest

    #oldmanbeatdown - Donny BB16

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