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Thread: Vancouver based day-long RACE event!! August 30th!!

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    Vancouver based day-long RACE event!! August 30th!!

    MOENBY COMMUNICATIONS, a Vancouver (Canada) based consultancy company, is organizing an Amazing Race inspired event... It will take place Saturday, August 30th!

    More important details at www.moenby.com
    Register soon! Space is limited!

    A bit more info:
    Pairs of participants will race around Vancouver.
    The goal is to finish all of the various "challenges,"
    located around Greater Vancouver, in the shortest time.
    Along the way, you will face roadblocks, and detours as happens on the show.
    Some challenges will test you physically (though minimally compared to the show),
    while others will test you mentally.
    All of them will be memorable.

    Of course, upon completion of the race, participants will be fed, and prizes awarded.

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    Sounds like fun.

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