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Thread: Finale Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by lalol
    Thanks for your comment.

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    All this talk about karma, but noone mentioned that R&C's cabbie in Phoenix spoke english. That can't be right
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    i found with great hilarity that Kelly and Jon could see two "White's" in big letters from far away, but couldn't see a big ol' number 5 right in front of them.

    i really thought they did awesome though, all the teams did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aMaZiN'RaCeGuY>
    It is different in the point of view of the contestants and the viewers. They have come a long way... We have watch a long way... When will the interviews be ready ?
    It's just an expression...ah, never mind.

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    I know this is kind of late to the discussion. I just got done watching the final show. My hubby decided Thursday afternoon to go camping for the weekend and had no sympathy for my wanting to see the end of the race. I did set the vcr so I did get to see the end. Anyway. I'm really glad that Reichen and Chip won the race although I would have been just as happy to see Kelly and Jon win. The goats made a major mistake in getting out of Australia and there just wasn't time to make up for it. I really didn't care a lot who won, as long as the goats didn't.

    Now the next big question. When will the next race be???? Please CBS make it soon!!
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