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Thread: Which TAR has the Best Assembled 11/12 Teams Ever?

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    Which TAR has the Best Assembled 11/12 Teams Ever?

    TAR 4! Definitely the best 12 Teams ever!!!

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    acid jazz
    TAR 4 for me too!!
    and then TAR3!

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    I'm for TAR2. It has the best combination of teams to like (Chas, Itchy and Scratchy, Mary and Peach, Shola and Doyin), teams to hate (Will and Tara). Even the designated meh team (Chris and Alex) wasn't that boring compared with the other meh teams from the other seasons.

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    Since I watched only 3 episodes of TAR1 and none of TAR2 and TAR3, I can't really answer the thread topic question. But I feel that I really got to know the TAR4 people really well, and that most of the teams in this season have some very interesting personalities and backgrounds (whether you like them or not). Somehow, I just wish I was competing among them. Bottom line is, I'm biased in thinking that TAR4 has the best assembled teams.

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    I have watched every episode of all four seasons, and the first season still stands out for me. And they had the added burden of doing the Race without any idea of what would be involved, since no one had seen or done it before. All the subsequent seasons had an idea of what to expect before they Raced.
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    I have also seen every episode from all four seasons, and for me TAR1 is the best. It had the best group of teams, almost all of them are memorable (good or bad) in some way (except the winners...I never did like them).

    Who can forget Karen and Lennny, the Guidos, Kevin and Drew, Frank and Margarita, the teachers arguing with the cab driver over a few bucks...causing them to come in last place, momily, the married grandparents (they were real troupers).

    I hardly remember the first few teams eliminated from this last series. I'm not real fond of any of the teams that are left.
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    I have to go with TAR3. So many different personalities, I loved them.

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    Yeah I agree, realityluver. Who can forget Karyn's frustration with Lenny at the Eiffel tower roadblock "Lenny, I can't believe you came back down!" or Kevin and Drew screaming at each other to be polite with the locals. Every single team from season 1 is memorable.

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    I found many of the teams from TAR 2 very memorable. Team ChaChaCha, Itchy and Scratchy, Mary and Peach, Team Smiley, and of course, infamous Tara and Will. And, oh yeah: The wicked smaht Boston Boys.

    After that comes TAR 3 (loved that season) and then TAR 4. I didn't see TAR 1, so I can't comment.

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    Tar 2

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