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Thread: 'The Race' puts global spin on reality TV

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    "This is reality TV, continental style. This is the hamburger you get at a fine French restaurant."
    My sentiments exactly!

    Q. How has the show been influenced by the rash of other reality shows that have since sprung up? I thought having the contestants eat a live octopus was similar to stunts on "Fear Factor," and that shooting blow darts at targets was right out of "Survivor."

    A. Doganieri: They ("Fear Factor") do the gross-out factor. What we like are things people in the country (the show is visiting) do. In Seoul, there are many many restaurants where octopus is (served). I went to that restaurant several times . . . and that restaurant is packed every day. It's not something we made up. It's something people really eat there. And with the blow darts and spears, that is something they do on that island and was part of that culture. We don't make up stuff that doesn't belong in the country.
    My TAR love dimmed a bit when i (mistakenly) thought they added Fear Factor/Survivor stunts to boost ratings. But now that Doganieri's cleared that up, it's burning as bright as ever.

    Thanks for the link, John. It's nice to know that there are producers like Bertram and Elise who create quality tv.

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    acid jazz
    Quote Originally Posted by NBCDaytimeFan
    All I have to say to them is THANK YOU for bringing us The Amazing Race for 4 amazing seasons. And hopefully for more seasons to come.

    I want to meet them and thank them personally.
    Same here NBCDaytimeFan.
    To Mr. Bert Van Munster and Jerry Bruckheimer: THANK YOU!!!
    we will be looking forward for more amazing seasons of TAR and
    we'll be here supporting you guys all the way!

    Everything for TAR!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JR.
    His wife? It looks more like his daughter
    I thought so too, before I read the caption underneath it...

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