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Thread: Who is the luckiest ?

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    Who is the luckiest ?

    This season's The Amazing Race 4 really is dependent on luck and physical strength.

    - How did Steve and Dave managed to survive elimination for a few legs?
    - Our Top 3 teams all had nearly escaped elimination. Why is that so ?

    Well, certainly there are more questions, but these are some examples I could only think of on a Tuesday hot afternoon...

    So for the three remaining teams, who is definitely the luckiest of the lot ? Cast your vote

    Here's aMaZiN'RaCeGuY> list's
    - Reichen and Chip : After ALL the MANY mistakes they made throughout the race, they were able to clinch a Top 3 position... Not bad, not bad at all. A whole lot of luck.

    - David and Jeff : In last episode, for example, the whole group were bunched together again at the wool place. Then they fell behind. Then they bunched up again. Then they past Kelly and Jon to successfully be at #1 for the rest of last episode. A bit of luck and strength huh ?

    - Kelly and Jon : I guess, for them to be in Top 3 and to escape elimination in Malaysia was sheer luck for them.

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    Kelly and Jon -
    lucky for them in ep 8 it was a NEL
    lucky for them in ep 9 to outrun Millie and Chuck to escape elimination
    lucky for them in ep 10 to beat RC and get 1st place
    lucky for them in ep 11 to make it to the final 3!!

    BFGs -
    Very lucky for them to escape two elimination in a row!!

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    Haha... Great Kelly and Jon Lucky list...

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    I can't quite understand why you said all three teams have nearly escaped elimination. I'm not a fan of theirs, but you do have to give R&C some credit for never finishing last in a NEL (which both the goats and JoKe have done).

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    Escaping Elimination

    Reichen and Chip - In India, they went head to head against Tian and Jaree in a taxi race. In the end, Reichen and Chip escaped elimination seconds from the eliminated team, Tian and Jaree

    Kelly and Jon - in Malaysia when they arrived last and was saved by NEL. The following episode, we see them going head to head with Millie and Chuck at the Roadblock. They arrived seconds before the eliminated team, Millie and Chuck.

    David and Jeff - NEL in Seoul South Korea

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    in ep 11, if the clowns arrived at the Pit stop within the 35 minutes that RC have receive for the penalty, RC is already eliminated and is not in the final 3 ~~

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    All of them, I guess, are equally lucky to escape elimination...

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    Who is LUCKY enough to win the $1 million bucks ?

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    I think all teams have been lucky
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    Kelly & JOn! REICHEN SAID: "THEY GET SO DARN LUCKY!" see............but they make stupid mistakes!

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