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Thread: Will there be a TAR5? Discussion

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    The race is back! John's Avatar
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    FYI, CBS has not released any information regarding another TAR, and I have asked my network contact as well. There is no word. I think Inside Edition is assuming, and you know what happens when you ass-u-me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrdobolina
    They cant take TAR away from me. No! I wont let them! If I have to run the race by myself, I will.... I'll probably lose the first leg, anyway, but still.... We can Hope!! We can Dream! I believe!
    I like that attitude! Great!

    Thanks, 1083 for link to article!

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    vanilla ice
    I hope TAR continues......

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    COMBAT MISSIONS junkie! BravoFan's Avatar
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    Thanks John. I think if this was official CBS would certainly be willing to share the information with you. There's no reason to withhold it.

    I'll believe it when CBS puts out a press release.
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    acid jazz
    thanks for the info guys.
    shoot, when i first so the thread i thought it was already 100% sure, too bad, it looks like CBS still hasn't made up their minds.

    i'd die instantly if i hear CBS saying "no more TAR"

    they have to bring it back, this season was pretty good so i really hope they'd give it another chance.

    yes mr. dobolina: lets all hope and dream and believe!!! Long Live TAR everybody!! woohooooo!!!!

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    Until CBS confirms another season of TAR, I'm going with the fact that the decision is still up in the air. But in the meantime I guess I can always dream, hope, and pray for a TAR 5.

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    They should not only have TAR5, but they should have it in High Definition, which CBS has been promoting quite a bit. A 'travel adventure' show like this absolutely cries out for the HDTV treatment, and HD viewers would probably be more likely to tune in, though that's not yet a lot of viewers. Obviously, some of the camera work would have to be standard def; I am constantly in awe of how invisible the camera and sound guys are, by the way.

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    I believe that they'll have another season. If they don't I'll be depressed, because the show is one of the best. I did hear they were going to have more seasons, but that they'll just cut it down to one a year.

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    I hope that there will be..................YAHOO! If there is, I hope that they will go to THe Philippines another 6 months to go!............

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    We'll just wait for more details...

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