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Thread: The 13th Episode (Finale) 08/21

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    Quote Originally Posted by PGH_RnC_Fan
    I wasn't comparing Reichen & Chip's blunder to committing a crime... I was simply trying to give what I had hoped would be an understandable explanation of why teams who violate an Amazing Race rule, are given a "penalty" rather than a "do-over."
    Their rules are their "laws," so to speak... and a violation of a "law" results in a penalty.
    So.. okay.. let say a person comitted a crime and stole a car. So a "do-over" would be what ? go back and unstolen a car ?? This situation is different because Reichen and Chip CAN go back and redo the task again.

    Again, I wholeheartedly trust that replacing Chip's car (as it was Chip who was in the car, not Reichen, which you continue to mistakenly claim), was completely within Amazing Race's rules
    obviously my Amazing Race's rule book got lost during int the mail.

    But I guess it's pointless to try and explain any of this, because you're somehow convinced that Reichen & Chip are "the bad guys" (while apparently completely oblivious... or just unconcerned... with any and all examples of less than respectable behaviour on the part of Kelly & Jon), and that R&C have been given special treatment, as part of some sort of conspiracy to have a gay couple win Amazing Race.
    Yes. I stated on countless occasions that I am not fond of Reichen and Chip. But I never once indicated that the reason why I dislike them is because they are GAY. Just the things that they have done, really really put them in a bad light.. at least for me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lilsonny
    Sis is going to call me after the race from New York. I will pass any info she wants me to on to you all. Keep your fingers crossed. I have my toes crossed too!!!
    What does your sister has anything to do with TAR ?

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    The race is back! John's Avatar
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    His sister is Reichen's Mom (rc'smum). He's Reichen's uncle.

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