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Thread: Reichen & Chip VS Kelly & Jon

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    Reichen & Chip VS Kelly & Jon

    Reichen & Chip VS Kelly & Jon - Who will win?

    These two teams are going to go head-to-head and mouth-to-mouth against each other at the final 2 legs of the race. Here are some quotes from the episodes -

    "I wanna punch them both" - Reichen
    "The gay men has won again" - Chip
    "We are going to watch out for Reichen and Chip, esp. Chip. He will do anything to gain an edge." - Kelly

    Jon surely has said something about Reichen and Chip but I somehow don't recall...

    So who do you think will win over the other team? (ignoring David and Jeff)

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    Chip and Reichen#1 chipnreichenfan's Avatar
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    Chip and Reichen oh course!
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    I hope they will win too...

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    I'm hoping Jon and Kelly win.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aMaZiN'RaCeGuY>
    I hope they will win too...
    I hope they don't. That'll be a worse ending for me than when Flo won. Especially when it comes down to the rivalry, I'd love to see the "straight" people do something better than the "gay" people (and before you all harp on me, I have several friends, guys and girls, who are gay and have no problem with it. We have a similar relationship like we saw last week where they make fun of me for not doing something as good as they do, and I do the same to them.) Unfortunatly, Reichen and Chip could easily outrun Kelly in a footrace, and by the sounds of the previews, Phil says it's going to be close (god, another similar ending to a previous season.) But Kelly's proven to be pretty tough, so maybe, and hopefully, I'm wrong.

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    Well considering that chip somehow is going to run over reichens foot with a dune buggy ....from the website previews....I am not so sure of their running ability....

    I have a feeling that the chippendales are breaking down with the stress and pressure ...this past weeks episode proved that when they didnt read the clue right to go by foot..

    I think chip especially is losing it...

    then again, the previews may be overdone....I do think the banter between the guys and jon at the rappelling thing was good natured...

    the scary thought is that the producers are simply pushing all this j/k and c/r rivalry to hide the fact that david and jeff whoever are actually completing everything pretty easily with not much physical or mental strain and coasted in as winners???
    Just a thought...

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    Reichen's foot was run over by the jeep not dune buggy, although I would not think any serious or major injury would be the result. Just typical CBS tried to make R&C fans worry as always, tho it's quite old news now. Chip prolly released the break before Reichen could get in. They would relax a bit and think clearly this time since they were in the F3 already, especially with Chip's sinister look. I would think the final outcome is the competition between David & Jeff and Chip & Reichen. They would probably outran D&J at the end, would make sense because now everybody would think that Reichen was crippled and that incident was quite the focus for leg 12. One thing that I found a bit strange is that the headline title for leg 11 was "... Chip & Reichen survive a scare"

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    there was an incident in TAR 2 where one of the black twin guys, SHola and Doyin's foot got ran over by one of his brother yet the two survived up to the 4th or 5th leg.

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    Leaving out their personalities aside, K&J have one advantage: K&J seems to be less error-prone than R&C. I don't think either of them will win, but K&J will probably finish higher.

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    Leo, good point, even though I do not like K&J.

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