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Thread: Thursday Ratings: The Amazing Race WINS 8:00PM Hour

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    Foggy Doggy
    With R & C still in the race, I know I'll be watching. It was sad to see the Clowns leave the show.

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    Some information about the ratings. Information posted on websites (like mediaweek.com, zap2it.com, and thefutoncritic.com) use overnight ratings, which is collected from the top 55 television markets (usually the 50 largest cities). Nielsen Media Research compiles the information and releases the official ratings, numbers from every television market, every Tuesday. Those top 55 markets cover roughly 70% of the United States.

    Fast national ratings are a little more accurate. They are culled from small samples from all 210 television markets. Nielsen uses average ordinary citizens to determine who watches what on TV. Nielsen asks randomly selected families to keep "diaries" of what they watch on a 15 minute basis. (I served as a Nielsen viewer during the recent February sweeps.)

    Nielsen uses a formula to determine a rating. I know that the formula for the total ratings (all 210 markets) is that 1 ratings point equals about 1,067,000 households. I'm sure the formula is slightly different for overnight and fast national ratings.

    A share is far more simpler. If a series has an 11 share, that means that 11% of people watching television at that time are watching a certain series. That means that out of everyone watching TV Thursday at 8:00 p.m. (eastern time), 11% of those were watching "The Amazing Race".

    The final numbers (overnight / fast national) are in for Thursdays (August 7) episode of TAR4.

    For Fast National Ratings: TAR4 scored a 5.4 / 11 at 8:00 and a 6.0 / 11 at 8:30. Both of those numbers are the second highest in those half hours since the May 29 premiere. TAR4 also scored a 6.0 / 11 at 8:30 for episode 2 and 9. Last Thursday was only the third time that both half hours scored an 11 share (the May 29 premiere and episode 9 on July 24 being the other two).

    Among the more important 18 - 49 demographic, the numbers weren't record breaking, but still consistent. TAR4 pulled a 2.7 at 8:00 and a 3.4 at 8:30. That is less than last week's 2.9 at 8:00, but better than last week's 3.1 at 8:30 - so the numbers pretty well average out to the same as last week. TAR has now scored a 2.7 at 8:00 four times (most recently with episode 8 on July 17) and the 3.4 score is the best since episode 3 on June 12 (excluding episode 9 on July 24).

    It will be interesting to see if the ratings droop a bit (like last week) since it is a forgone conclusion that next week (August 14) will be a non-elimination leg), and also how high the ratings will be for the finale. Hopefully, the finale could come close, if not beat, the premiere numbers since they remain the highest to date (as is usually the case with TV series).

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    Quote Originally Posted by ruben_of_205
    rating will drop next week.. With Al and Jon gone, who really care to tone in anymore.

    Interesting. While they were certainly one of my favorite teams, I never really considered them the most "entertaining" of the four teams that were left. I like drama (good or bad), and J&K and R&C seem to have plenty of that! I'm looking forward to the finale.

    I'm positive the ratings were better this past week because I've been spreading the word

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    Quote Originally Posted by Remus Lupin
    So I guess you won't be participating in any more discussions here either?
    If only! I can't stand all this negativity

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    As an update:

    (published by USA Today)
    The columns are: Viewers Household Rating Household Share Rank Last Week('s Rank)
    Thursday, Aug. 7
    Friends (NBC)(r) 8.5 6.0 12 17 9
    Amazing Race (CBS) 8.3 5.7 11 19 21
    50th Anniversary Bloopers (ABC)(sr) 7.3 4.8 9 30 --
    WWE Smackdown! (UPN) 4.7 3.0 6 73 67
    House on Haunted Hill (WB) 2.7 1.9 3 *94 --
    Scrubs (NBC)(r) 6.7 4.7 9 *42 20
    CSI (CBS) 14.0 9.0 16 1 1

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