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Thread: If I Call Phil, Can I Get Them Voted Back On? Episode 11 recap

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    spoiler-free zone

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    Oh Cali, hi, yes, yes, yes, I got your call but sorry, Phil has denied your request. Sorry!

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    Good recap, Cali... :thumbup

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    AL: Hey Jon, Why did the Chicken cross the road?
    JON {drinking water}: I donít know Al. Why did he cross the road?
    AL: To Get to Korean Air
    JON: SPLUURSCH (Thatís water being spewed onto Jonís face because of the hysterical joke he just told)
    That was definitely my favorite moment of the episode, probably the entire show. Jon telling that joke was funny. But Al's reaction to the joke was priceless......

    SO we have:

    1. David and Jeff
    2. Kelly and Jon
    3. Reichen and Chip

    We also have a pissed off recapper.

    Jon and Al were a fun team to watch and I will miss them in the finals. I was truly hoping that for once a team that never failed to be nice could actually win this race. Iím glad to know that had such a good time, and wish them the best in everything they do in the future.
    I was pretty pissed off as well.... They will be greatly missed in the finals. **sigh**

    And I also wish them well with everything they do in the future.

    Awesome recap, by the way!!!!!

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    Great recap as usual, cali... there seems to be a sizable number of jon and al supporters here...

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    Xantham Gum
    Quote Originally Posted by Wizard
    Great recap, Cali, as usual! It's even better than watching the show.

    But now I don't know what to do. With the clowns gone, I'm left with:

    A team of obnoxious buttheads that I strongly dislike;
    A team infected with Ugly Americanitis that I moderately dislike;
    A team of plain vanilla not-so-brights that I'm completely ambivalent about.

    If it weren't for your recaps, I'd just stop watching altogether.
    My feelings EXACTLY. I don't know who I want to win now, just who I want to NOT win. This game is now like a presidential election.

    At least we got a good spit take from the clowns before they went.

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    Great recap! I know exactly how you feel. This is the fourth time I've been in this spot with my team gone and in fourth place. It must have been an omen. I think I'll be pulling for K/J now. They are irritating, but at least neither one of them has threatened to quit or whines about things being to hard to do. Can we get Zack with Kelly? I think I'd like them to win.
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    Great job Cali!
    The last episode for me is bitter-sweet. . I've gone to like Jon and Al. They are such a nice and friendly team. I still have to see TAR being won by a genuinely good people who really understands the meaning of TAR (enjoying the race while being nice to other team and at the same time competitive). Until the last ep. i was rooting for reichen and chip, but the way they acted on the last ep. made me think twice about the duo. They dont have the rights to demand every taxi driver in the world to speak English! They acted way overboard also when they are rapelling down the building, chip makes me think that they he is still not comfortable being gay since he always reiterate to Jon he was beaten by a gay guy! Big Deal! I think this is the only TAR season that i have no fave team in the top 3! If only Jon and Al can come back! Lets amke a petition to the producers! Ha ha ha ha!

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    Thanks so much Cali! You really did great with the interview!

    I am ruling on Kelly & Jon to win!

    Go Kelly and Jon

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    Thanks to everyone for the kind words

    Weird_gal, thanks, if you're talking about the recap, but the interviews are done by John... I agree with you though, the interview is great
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