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Thread: If I Call Phil, Can I Get Them Voted Back On? Episode 11 recap

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    Cali, thanks for the great recap!!! A friend ran into me and I missed the first 20 minutes. Now, I feel as if I missed nothing.

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    When the married couple leaves, they see Kelly and Jon still looking for the perfect cab. Reichen and Chip find one and ask the driver if he speaks English. Now, if you were to ask me the response to that particular question would either be “yes” or a confused look. Their cabbie answers with “OK” and Reichen and Chip take this to mean he does speak the language that arrogant Americans believe everyone else should speak. We get to see a bit of the Ugly, when we hear Chip say he doesn’t want to pay the cabbie, because he didn’t stop right away when told. He goes on to complain and says the cabbie SHOULD speak English.
    I couldn't stand Chip in this episode.

    I'm sorry to see Jon & Al eliminated, they were my favorit team.

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    Great recap as usual!

    Jon and Al weren't my favorite team, but they were starting to grow on me. I'm sorry they were eliminated.

    Reichen and Chip showed an ugly side this week that disappointed me. I'm trying to understand why they felt it necessary to yell at a cabbie who didn't speak english? Did they feel like they were lied to on purpose or something? I don't get it.

    Kelly and Jon - can't believe they are still here. If they win, i'm going to vomit.

    OK and I was totally laughing at the whole Zeus bit too. did that make sense to ANYBODY? Jon is a butthole AND an idiot.

    I can't believe the race is almost over.

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    i was downright pissed off at reichen and chip for making that stupid mistake. but dont get me wrong, i'm still rooting for them.

    amid all the excitement to race to the pitstop, they forgot to read the clue properly, a classic AR blunder. by all means, i would want david and jeff out, personally, because of the entertainment value they provided.

    kelly and jon, provides hateful comments and snides. which made us loathe them.

    reichen and chip, provides us with blunders so serious they manage to get away with it. EVERYtime.

    jon and al, provides us with humours and laughter and tricks. which is enjoyable to watch.

    david and jeff provides us with anonymity.

    i must say the most unknown team to ever arrive the final three is david and jeff. before this, in the prior seasons, we are pretty much clear about the three final teams, in fact most of the teams. i still cant differ david or jeff till now.

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    Great recap !!!

    I was soooo sad.. I was praying they had enough time. 30 minutes isn't a long enough penalty.. Should've been an hour.

    I think for the first time this season I was cheering for Kelly.. As much as she annoys me... You have to give her Kudos for going down that rope with a messed up hand. But next week I'll be cheering for the goats now that the clowns are gone.


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    Great recap, Cali, as usual! It's even better than watching the show.

    But now I don't know what to do. With the clowns gone, I'm left with:

    A team of obnoxious buttheads that I strongly dislike;
    A team infected with Ugly Americanitis that I moderately dislike;
    A team of plain vanilla not-so-brights that I'm completely ambivalent about.

    If it weren't for your recaps, I'd just stop watching altogether.

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    Didnt Reichen and Chip learn anything from Heather and eve?

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    Cali, that was fast! Great recap!

    in the tank are many sea creatures including one hundred sharks, which is better than what my daughter heard... One Hungry Shark....

    My favorite team of TAR 4!
    Haven't left yet, so I'll tell you all about Kelly and Jon.

    through some sort of miracle sent straight from Heaven (Located in an English speaking place)

    "Cut the red wire. Before you do that however, make sure the green wire is detached or you will die" THAT is why it is always important to read through the directions completely before you begin to disarm a bomb.

    I also have to wonder if maybe she found them attractive and decided to stretch out her time with them.

    Jon and Al were a fun team to watch and I will miss them in the finals. I was truly hoping that for once a team that never failed to be nice could actually win this race. I'm glad to know that had such a good time, and wish them the best in everything they do in the future.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cali
    We also have a pissed off recapper.
    Cali, I feel for you. Even though my top 2 teams are both still in the race. I would never rub it in. In fact, I won't even mention the names of my teams. Both of whom are still in the race. One of whom will win. But I would never gloat. Nope. Not me.

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    Thanks everyone for all the great feedback. I was so upset last night (Yes, I do realize it's a TV show, and it's silly to get more upset than the team that was actually eliminated). I had a hard time writing this one, and may have been meaner to reichen and chip because I want to blame a team for the clowns loss. Of course it is not anyone's fault, so if I've offended anyone with my treatment of R&C who really seem very decent most of the time, I apologize. I still am not happy with their "Speak English" bit, but I'm a tad calmer now

    ALSO I need to credit my Daughter with the title of this recap, as she turned to me when it was over and said "If I call TAR can I get them voted back on"... I changed it to Phil because... hell, I want to talk to him

    Sheela.... Well Now, if you have 2 favorites and three teams are left how can you be sure one of them will win??

    I guess I'll cheer for David and Jeff.
    "Rice is great when you're hungry and want 2,000 of something' -- Mitch Hedberg

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