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Thread: Which country/countries THEY HAVE NOT VISITED YET would you like to see in TAR5?

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    They should definitely include New Orleans. I visited the city this past summer, and I was in love with the charm of the French Quarter. No wonder it has been nicknamed the "most interesting city in the US." They should have the teams go to places like Jackson Square, the Garden District, the Superdome, Cafe du Monde, Bourbon Street, etc..

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    philippines-banaue rice terraces or boracay!

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    Slovenia--this has everything you could ever want in a country to visit!!! Unspoiled landscape, hospitable people, quaint towns, amazing capital--GO, GO, GO!!!!!!!

    Bulgaria: Nothing like how this country crashes into the Black Sea

    Malta, Sardinia

    The island of St Helena (South Atlantic), where Napoleon was exiled...fabulously scenic and varied--I can easily imagine a foot race from one end to the other

    Two more that would be perfect except for political problems...
    Colombia--UNSAFE, DANGEROUS, POLITICALLY VOLATILE, but oh so captivating

    Likewise Iran--not a good place for Reichen & Chip--but imagine a foot race through Isfahan

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    Remote places like Siberia, Antartica, the Mojave Desert, etc. That would make map-reading a more challenging task.

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    oh jeez there are so many good countries they havent been to. but i would definitely like them to visit philippines. although they wouldnt have a hard time communicating with people since most filipinos could speak english, there are so many nice places to go to. something like kota kinabalu. and the producers would have a variety of roadblocks and detours to choose from. but traffic in manila is the worst! phil would have to wait for the teams for hours!
    i cant wait foe tomorrow! go reichen and chip!

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