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Thread: Your Favorite Line Or Quote From Tar4...

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    Your Favorite Line Or Quote From Tar4...

    Mine is from my dear Jaree to Tian in Amsterdam:

    "Well let me take it! You're such a dumbA$$!!!" - priceless!

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    I like this one:

    "We're going down the wrong side of the freeway...and the lights are off!" or something like that. I laugh every time I hear it.

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    Somebody just grabbed my boob man ! = tian and jaree.

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    "Al, Where?? Where??" Said by David when he can't find the clue at the Plantation in Malaysia which is right infront of him~

    "Drive to Spee...Spee lo wik...Oran...Twang" Said by Jon of K&J instead of "Drive to Sepilok Orangutan Sanctury. He can't even pronunce Orangutan!!

    "Holy Crap Man" Said by Jaree then Kelly replied, "That's you Jaree!" ~

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    I still laugh every time I see these clips:

    Kelly (in her best Texas twang): "High-five, Phil!" followed imediately by "High-five, li'l lady!"

    And during the eel roadblock:

    Kelly: "What do they feel like?"
    Jon: "It feels like ... a slippery penis!"
    Kelly: "Oooh! I wanna touch one!"

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    Jaree: "Somebody just grab my boob, man!"
    Jon: "Just pretend you are shooting at Jon and make Jon shut up..."
    Tian: "Maybe arguing is better. Cause when we stop arguing, we lose. Damn it!"

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    Adding to my previous list

    Kelly: "Seriously Jon, why are we so stupid?"

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    "Go ahead, age before beauty." Chip to Jon (Of Jon and Al)

    "I felt like Chip and I were getting married again..." Reichen on Malay Ceremony

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    yeah, all those above were really great quotes.

    i also loved:

    "What are skivvies?" --Reichen
    "It's our first time! We're virgins!" --Kelly
    "Donít grab my boob, dude, or Iíll throw you off the train!" --Jaree
    "Iíve never had my ass picked so much in my life." --Tian
    "That's like on the other side of the world." --Jon (of Jon and Al)

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    Here are some I'll never forget:

    "Just stick that thing in your mouth and start blowing it!" - Jon of JoKe.

    "When he was up there, it was like an eclipse. Everyone was like, 'Where'd the sun go?" - Dave

    "Kelly! Farting on the fish won't help!" - Jon

    "Guys? You have to get off. You have to pull this tag off. Sorry. Its our now." Tian to Kelly and Jon

    I'm sure there are others, but I can't think of them now...

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