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Thread: Your Favorite Line Or Quote From Tar4...

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    chip to Reichen in Allepey India:

    ChiP: Reichen

    Reichen: What ?

    Chip: Turn right.

    Reichen: Are you reading the map right ?

    CHip: HONEY, I'm reading the map right. If you'll just slow down.

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    Yeah, that's one that I was about to mention.

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    My favorite is:

    Jon to Kelly: "Kelly! farting on the fish won't help!"

    Kelly to Jon: "God, please let me hit it so that Jon can shut up!"

    Jon to Kelly: "Just put that thing in your mouth and blow!"

    Kelly to Jon: "Damn it! Now I'm going to get diahera!"

    I'm sure there's more

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    i'm surprised no one mentioned the line from Chuck in the roadblock in le mans, france.

    Chuck: "Man it's so tight and hot. Not good timing."

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    Jughead Jones
    Kelly: I got a chain up my cookie!

    Kelly: My cookie's killin' me!

    Dave: Greenpeace called saying would you please stop throwing whales off the tower?

    Steve: We thought surely nobody would put their arms in cow crap.

    Kelly: That's gonna come around to you buddy...karma. (After Jon refuses to let Monica and Sheree on the bus)

    Dave: I'm keeping the cheese!

    Phil: David and Jeff...you're team number one...and you've won a trip...and David...you need a shower!

    David: It's ironic that we would get lost on our way to an airport we've each been to about fifty times.

    Jaree: Thank you! I didn't drink it (the coffee), but thank you!

    Debra: I'd like to say I was tripped, but I wasn't.

    Steve: We're fat...we're 40...
    Debra: But we're fun!!!

    Josh: I just helped the team we screwed over earlier, and I thought it was good and they needed the help, plus I really didn't want those two blonde chicks with the fake t@ts to get it.

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    when the teams were all chit chatting during the rest period. millie and chuk tel everyone that they're virgins. when it comes to kelly n jons turn, kelly says, "we've been living in sin".lol!

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    Lots of my fave Jon/Kelly and Tian/Jaree quotes already posted here, so I'll post one of David when he and Jeff were stariing miserably at their plates of newly-chopped up octopus: "Dude, it's got eyeballs and stuff". That cracked me up really bad, since he sounded just like Beavis (from Beavis & Butt-head)

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    What Chip say to Reichen was:

    "I wanna show you honey, but you're not slowing down"

    The argument between the Millie-Alliance (Steve and Dave and Amanda and Chris was funny...)

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    Jughead Jones
    I've got more quotes!

    Cindy: It's amazing how I got through the world without you.
    Russell: It is, isn't it?

    Jon (of K & J): Holy sh--poo! We got the clue!

    Jon: Kel, what if there's more than one place Beethoven wrote music?
    Kelly: Are you st--retarded? How many Beethovens do you think there are?

    Chip: Honey, we're gonna wash some clothes!

    Steve: Our lead is diminished.
    Josh: It's not diminished...it's gone.

    Monica: We're gonna see 'em again.
    Sheree: That's right, cuz cheaters never win, and they cheated!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigbadmatt
    I still laugh every time I see these clips:

    Kelly (in her best Texas twang): "High-five, Phil!" followed imediately by "High-five, li'l lady!"
    I like that one too
    The greatest gift is to love and to be loved in return..The Moulin Rouge

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