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Thread: I may get banned for actually admitting this, but...

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    All I can say is that in my honest opinion, Kelly and Jon deserve each other.

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    A match made in heaven perhaps ?

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    Maybe influence by Jon making her mean

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    Oh yeah. There's no one that will ever replace Flo. Don't get me wrong...I don't like Kelly in the slightest. But I doubt I'd feel the pain I felt watching Flo take 1/2 million dollars.
    "They can only edit what you give them. They cannot manufacture a fictional character out of thin air." (Bill Rancic - 4/04)
    Regarding editing reality TV: "You can't edit IN a bad personality." ("Cali"-11/02)
    BB8 - A "conveyor belt of human garbage." ("Pono" - 9/07)

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    I agree with everything you said, JJ. Kelly is really starting to grow on me... she isn't THAT bad after all. I enjoy her witty humour. The only thing I did not like about her is her name calling eg. Millie the mole and Chuck the werewolf.

    Other than that, I think she is a cool chick!

    Go Reichen & Chip!

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    I have developed a grudging admiration for Kelly and Jon. The last episode showed that Kelly competes with guts and heart. I never thought I would feel this way, but I am actually kinda hoping that they'll win. *ducking*

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    A Kelly-lover. I knew there were some of those around lurking around in our society. I just never knew they could come so close to the FORT.

    Shame on you! I demand a ban!

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    Kelly and Jon are not my favorite team BUT I love their sense
    of humor! They gave me plenty of entertainment and laughs.
    I laugh every time I remember Kelly saying (at the laundry
    place in India) (Goddamnit I think I'm gonna get a diarrhea!)
    or the second stage of werewolf comment. I think she's just
    one crazy woman in real life! I know it's wrong to be funny
    at the expense of other people but these two really bring
    life to the show!

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    TAR4 ATC Dave
    Believe it or not, it really isn't always safe to form opinions of people based solely upon what CBS decides to show you. Remember that the producers have a story to tell, and that they can discard a lot of stuff if it doesn't fit their particular story line.

    Example: Both Steve and I are actually track stars who spent all but 5% of the race rushing to and from the spots we needed to be. Naturally, what 5% did YOU see?

    While I personally am somewhat disappointed by some of the things I've heard J&K say, I still believe that they are both basically good people. They were always nice to Steve and myself, and we actually thought the "BFGs" tag was hilarious as well (regardless of former meanings...)


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    Heh. I don't think there's anything wrong with liking Kelly or even Jon. Both of them can be extremely childish and petty, but they've been strong competitors. I'm impressed by the way Kelly pulls through the race challenges without too much whining or threats to quit. And I like the way they're having fun (sometimes at the expense of other people, I admit) on the race. At the very least I get the sense that they're enjoying their experiences on the race, which is very likeable.

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