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Thread: Changes for TAR

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    I will add maybe 5 NEL!

    I'll pick different people from all over the world to do the race! So it would be fun to watch your friends!

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    Quote Originally Posted by weird_gal
    I will add maybe 5 NEL!

    I'll pick different people from all over the world to do the race! So it would be fun to watch your friends!
    Haha... I like your last one! "Picking people from all over the world! So it would be fun to watch your friends"... Yah... I personally would LOVE to join

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    Quote Originally Posted by aMaZiN'RaCeGuY>
    Haha... I like your last one! "Picking people from all over the world! So it would be fun to watch your friends"... Yah... I personally would LOVE to join
    Same here... this will give more people around the world a chance to participate... but it'll be quite hard to get it organized though...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luna
    Same here... this will give more people around the world a chance to participate... but it'll be quite hard to get it organized though...
    Why? We just fly in to the USA to play it... Haha...

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    a huge change i would make would be the destinations.....first, each leg should be a different country, i don't really like two legs in the same "area" like both times when TAR went to Thailand...the second thing would be that the destinations should be more spread out....i didn't like the "hanging around" in Europe for TAR 3 and 4....i think the most "spread out" race we had was TAR 2...oh well...perhaps some legs for each continent?..

    (PS... however i am sure that if the producers had the rights to film the race in any part of the world they wanted, they would NEVER have chosen to go to Thailand and India twice in different seasons, they might have gone to Egypt or Russia or sth)

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    1--First episode 2-hour special. First hour is a flashback show, showing highlights from previous races along with catching up with some former racers. Second hour devoted to more in-depth getting to know the new racers. Show ends at the starting line.

    2--I'd like to see each leg of the race span two episodes per week rather than just one. I personally would watch both parts of the leg, but I'm afraid some would only watch the second one each week to see the end of each leg, so the ratings may not support two episodes. But, if BB can do 3 hours per week, why not 2 for TAR.

    2.5--New types of clues beyond the Detour and RoadBlock--keep those, they're good. Add something like a "SplitUp", where there are two tasks to be performed, you each have to do one of them. Add a "FreePass" system, sort of like a FastForward, except it allows you to skip a Detour or RoadBlock, but it costs you time. Each team gets 2 FreePass for the race. If you get to a task, you can choose to use FreePass instead. The producers would have pre-determined the "time" for each task. If you use your FreePass, you have to wait there for that amount of time instead of doing the task. It gets you out of doing something that you may not want to do, or if you are sick, injured, etc. But other teams may be faster than the pre-determined "time" and finish and leave while you are still there waiting.

    2.6--Add a small time bonus system. At each Detour and each RoadBlock they would time each team from start to finish of the task. The fastest team at each task gets a time credit of 5 minutes, while the slowest team gets a time penalty of 5 minutes.

    3--Definitely NO evidence of NEL to either us the viewers or to the racers. I trust the producers to have them pre-determined. They don't need to tell me or hint to me when they are. And, spread them out. Having them all near the end is a little lame. Regarding NELs--I think people complaining about NELs is a big load of you know what. Some have said stuff like when the racers know it's NEL they can take it easy or not try as hard. That makes almost no sense at all. It still matters how quickly you arrive.

    4--Stop it already with their method of showing previews. I am all for previews. But this whole thing they have going where the teams they imply may be in trouble are ALMOST NEVER the ones that end up last is silly. They need to mix it up a little. Sometimes show us teams in trouble that REALLY END UP IN TROUBLE and lose, other times tease us. But mix it up, it gets old having the same pattern over and over.

    5--Eliminated teams should be the ones with the prizes. Each eliminated team should get a prize. But, for some pre-determined legs, also give a prize to first place finisher--just not every leg.

    6--Yes, bunching is necessary. But, it has been since TAR1, and even more so since TAR2. Don't use the logistics as the excuse for TAR4--Phil has been able to do it since TAR2. TAR4 bunching seems to have occurred MUCH more frequently and more severely. I accept it, but think it could be reduced. They seem to just go with lots of bunching instead of really trying to figure out how LITTLE of it they can get by with. Sometimes they probably don't know what time of day they will make it to a particular city/task, so more tasks that don't have restrictive hours of operation should be included. Some are more day-time friendly for filming purposes. They could probably film them at night carrying the cheese near Amsterdam, but maybe not bungee jumping in Austria. They're smart, they can figure it out.

    7--More interesting clues. But more than that, just MORE clues. They need to give the racers a chance to spread themselves out. Instead of just leaving the PitStop and then having a Detour and a RoadBlock, it is FAR more interesting when there are more intermediate "navigation" clues thrown in. Some episodes have simply been PitStop-Detour-RoadBlock-PitStop. To me that is not as interesting. Examples of clues that were not Detour/RoadBlocks.......When they had to do the Fiacre in Vienna it spread out the teams. When they had to drive from LeMans to Marseilles it would have spread out the teams if the next clue wasn't closed for the night. When they had to do the Canals in Amsterdam it spread out the teams.

    8--Lose the Fear Factor style. This season has had more of a "disgusting style" to it. There have been some things in prior TARs but they seem to have too many this season. The digging through the crap-pile, the dragging through the mud are two biggest I can think of, but this week promises more to come. They're not terrible stunts, but really necessary? There are surely better things locally to do in Amsterdam and India than those two stunts. I think a lot of fans of TAR actually "play along" with the racers and imagine going along with them. I seriously doubt if I go to either of those places, that I'll do either of those things. Now, carrying the cheese looked fun and challenging.

    9--Same as #8, sort of. Keep the challenges spread across the spectrum. Some physical (but more exhausting than brute force), and some mental, some navigational. That's what you do when you travel for a few weeks. What was the point of hoisting up what appeared to be a VERY heavy lobster tank. That's brute force--not good. More appropriate physically exhausting tasks were the rappel and hike in southern France--that's something someone may actually do. And in past seasons they walked up a pyramid, they walked up the Eiffel Tower, they walked to top of Notre Dame to ring the bell, they golfed and climbed some bridge in Australia I think, and so on. Not brute force, but physically demanding and more interesting (and more scenic too, how exciting was the lobster hoisting?). Good mental challenges have been the mask ball, and in previous seasons the walkie-talkies. Good navigation tasks were the canals of Venice and Amsterdam, and when they've had to drive themselves such as in France and in the most recent episode.

    10--Less taxis. Give them a vehicle and a map and let them get where they need to go. That's how a lot of people travel. It takes away the taxi bad-luck. And makes them use their heads more. Of course in some cities they should be without a vehicle so they'd be forced to figure out the public transit system (another real life skill used when travelling). But still not reliance on taxis except where absolutely necessary.

    11--Fewer contestants with former/current/hopeful modelling or acting experience. I am sure they are probably picked because they look good and are comfortable in front of cameras, etc., but the "normal" people usually provide for better entertainment. I doubt (or at least hope) they don't go looking for "these" people. But, it's probably a good tie-breaker for them to use. I'm in no way saying to exclude model/actors, and maybe TAR4 was just a quirk with so many, but I hope for fewer in the next round. Good looks are fine, but I don't watch it for that--especially since everyone eventually ends up looking a little rough after a few episodes anyway. And besides, there are plenty of good-looking people who aren't model/actor.

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    I, for one, do not possess the attention span to write that much. I admire that

    P.S.: That was the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Sydney, Australia..the view is absolutely amazing. You can see the whole of Sydney from there. I also loved that they had to figure out the Aussie slangs and based on that, move around looking for the right people to get their next clue.
    I liked that episode for very obvious reasons heh heh heh

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    Give the first place team the option of sleep; they can decide to leave in 12 hours like normal or wait to leave with the last placed team. If they choose to sleep all of the teams leave together. This would create a more natural bunching (they know it will occur but at least they decide), more tension getting cabs and at airports getting tickets. The first place team must decide before leaving the mat. This choice could be shown on the next episode so the viewer would have something to think about till next week.

    Give the teams a choice to do a task such as picking up a picture, key ring or something else to give to Phil at the Pitstop. By successfully getting the task compleated the racers are given time, more money or maybe nothing but a kiss from Phil.
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    Ok, I'm back from lurking. Got a long list and not a lot of time so here goes...

    1. Spread out the NEL's. Maybe have 5 of them (longer season ). One towards the beginning, 2 in the middle, and 2 towards the end.

    2. Have the first episode be a 2 hour premeire. Use the first hour to check in with previous teams and introduce the racers. Then they race for the 2nd hour.

    3. Have bunching up, but keep it short. Like last episode, 4 of the teams bunched up waiting for the rope bridge place to open, but Kelly and Jon still hadn't gotten there when it opened. That way it's not a restart every 10 minutes.

    4. Never let them know if it is a NEL. Where's the suspense if we know they're not gone from the race?

    5. The clues would be great if they were more cryptic and if there were more of them period.

    6. More mental roadblocks/detours. That's what made that Masquerade Ball challenge so great.

    7. CantGetEnufTAR had a great idea with SplitUps and FreePasses, however that would mean the show would have to be longer. If that's possible, than I would be all for it.

    8. Different ways to get to challenges. Have the clue say "Go to BLANK. Use any means of transportation desired." That way we could have teams on planes, trains, boats, and taxis all going to the same place and we find out wich team made the best transportation decision. Plus it would lead to some interesting choices for some teams.

    I didn't particularly like Takraw's ideas because the finding stuff for Phil idea takes up too much extra time. If all of these could be fit into the next season, ti would be the best season yet. But since when does CBS listen to our opinions?

    I'm done with my ranting.

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    let see..
    1) get rid of non-eliminate round.. That's just unfair and always save wrong teams.
    2) There shouldn't be a limit for using fast forward. Why limit to just one team per race ?
    3) disqualification for not following the "direction". Or at least let the team figure out what the mistake is and have them do it all over again!

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