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Thread: Greatest Moments from TAR4 Episode 1

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    Greatest Moments from TAR4 Episode 1

    Greatest Moments from TAR4

    1. Reichen and Chip with Debra and Steve: Share room and battling about coming out in the race.

    Chip offered to share room with Debra/Steve.
    "You are gonna be out in the cold tonight, that was not gonna happen. we are all in the room together. "
    Debra: You have the feelings that the boys want to sleep together?
    (Reichen: We are gay couple, you know? chip and I, we have not made the decision still whether we are gonna let anyone on this race know if they haven't figure it out already.")
    Debra: This is not exactly the way I intended. But I can sleep with three guys. So maybe in the long run, this works out OK.
    (Debra: He was mad at himself because we could have get the hotel room a hour earlier. )
    Debra: Oh, you are so cute.... (touching Steve's hair)
    (Steve: I was upset, because I know she is upset. Because she is my main focus, no matter what.)
    (Debra: Whe he cries, it's just....(teary eyes), I knew he was crying because of me.)
    Debra: I love you so much.

    2. Steve and Dave: Knee Injury

    -you are doing great!
    -you are being sarcastic. we are okay, we are gonna make this.

    -You made it
    -I owe you, man. I wouldn't won this race with anyone but you, man. Nobody beat you.

    3. Debra and Steve: Crossing cable

    S: you are more than half way, baby. you are really doing great. You are so good.
    D: Let me get there.
    S: There you go.

    4. Debra and Steve: Elimination
    S: despite the emotional and physical damage we did to ourselves, we had a great time.
    D: Because of you, I get things that I think I can never do in my life. It's just wonderful. I love you. (kissing Steve)
    (D: I think he is very proud of me today.
    S: What's most important to me is Debra, the fact that I am gonna get to spend everyday with her in the rest of my life, that's what really matters to me.

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    My greatest TAR 4 moment involves Kelly and Jon when they caught up to Millie and Chuck during the ladder climbing challenge and beating them to the pit stop! That was in my opinion the most exciting episode this season.

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    There is another thread available... There's more replies there...

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