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Thread: Does anybody here have Amazing Race fan sites?

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    I'm praying that Tian and Jaree get a website going. Also, I HOPE Derek and Drew have a site somewhere down the line. No dice as of yet

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    Who do you think will have the most fan sites up at the end of the race? Who will have the least?

    My vote for most is Reichen&Chip, Jon&Al

    Least? Amanda&Chris, Josh&Steve, Debra&Steve

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    i really hope that after the race, all the racers put up websites/webpages to reflect on the race...etc... i look forward to seeing those
    Yeah, me too.

    Kelly/Jon have a fansite? Hmmm....

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    Are there any good general Amazing Race sites? I love the racer's sites, but I was wondering if anyone could help me with sites kind of like www.tarflies.com ... or maybe there just aren't any (other) sites like it ...?

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    reichen and chip are going to have the most fansites. there are 4 that exists as of now that i know of.

    kelly and jon - 2
    tian and jaree - 2

    looks like the this triumvirate really have stolen the show.

    btw, the correct URL for my site is www.digitalblueroom.com/TAR4/reichen.html not reichenmain.swf
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