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Thread: 7/17 Show Discussion Thread ***spoilers***

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    darn darn darn
    I was hoping for an elimanation. what a total bummer.
    I could go east, I could go west, it was all up to me to decide. Just then I saw a young hawk flyin' and my soul began to rise. ~Bob Seger

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    Yippeee....so glad Jon and Kelli still in yippeee...I miss the models a LOT..without J/K it would be sooo boring..

    this leg wasnt all that great...i am still PO about the woman thing...ie, that darn lobster basket was 2 heavy unless you had 2 guys...I would have liked to see millie manage that...too bad their boat took them to the fish..
    I cant stand millie, JMO>>> no real reason...just dont like her LOL>> intense, pushing chuck around...crying now...

    as for the others?? sorry, the goats and clowns are boring, chippendales are growning on me...

    I miss the NFL's and the models tho..

    I would LOVE an all female race...mothers/daughters, sisters, girlfriends whatever JMO

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    I personally thought it WAS lame that Chip or Reichen (i couldn't tell who) asked to win together with jon and al, but it was very very nice (for lack of better word) of J/A to let them. If only R&C had been a little more SMARTER ....grrr they would've won.

    R&C all the way. Too bad they didnt win

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    Oh and non elimination or not, Kelly and jon and david and jeff are waaay behind the other teams, this could prove to be bad in the next round, when they have to catch up!

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    I agree with most of you guys, this is possibly the most boring episode ever and it didn't help that it was a non-elimination leg.
    I was so disappointed that it was a NEL! I was so hoping that J/K will be the next one to go, grrrrr. But I have to admit, Kelly kicked ass in that roadblock, I think she was the fastest one to finish it.
    The Clowns are really something, they waited for Reichen and Chip and let them be "co-1st placer" (even though Phil announced that ReiChip are in 2nd place, I guess, they have to reserve one special prize per ep now), I hope they win it all!
    Why did Chip needs to shout to the Clowns to wait for them? It's not like they didn't win a special prize already, and it was their fault that they didn't came in 1st place, it's not like somebody cheated them off it.
    Whoa, I always liked Millie and Chuck, but I was a little taken aback in this ep (by Millie), she is way too aggressive for Chuck, and with Chuck commenting that hopefully marriage is not the same as the race, made me wonder if it'll work out in the end for them. I really want them to stay together (I mean 12 years?!), but is it going to be the right decision? Hopefully this race will make them sit down and talk things out (which they should have done a few years ago )
    Still indifferent in regards to Team Who.
    Looks like Kelly and Jon finally came into blows next week, did you guys hear Jon said "Go F*** yourself" to Kelly? That was so rude!!!!

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    Oh Go Away
    I felt sorry for Millie during that confessional. I don't think she expected to hear that from him, and was very hurt - hense the tears. I'm not sure if they are supposed to be together. They seem to be seeing sides of each other on this race that they never saw before. Perhaps this will be the wakeup call for Chuck to either marry Millie or move on. IMO it seems like Chuck has been holding on to Millie because she is safe, and he doesn't have to worry about being alone. He probably never saw the competative side of her until now. After seeing Millie's reaction to him tonight, she loves him...and is even willing to sacrifice herself in a way for him. She's been with him this long...probably praying her heart out that he will marry her because she loves him...and not seeing his fear of committment. I doubt that it will work out for them...but I hope it does!

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    wow, thanks for everyone for posting, I'm now all up to date.
    Oh well, i'll see the episode on sunday

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    I'm confused. I thought Chuck said he hoped marriage was not one of the things to "come out of this race". But another poster said he said he hoped that marriage wasn't "like the race". Or something like those quotes. Anyone know what he did say or mean? I thought he was saying he did not want to get married to Millie, but the other poster's take on it is that he hopes the marriage won't be as difficult emotionally/compatibility wise, as the race has been. I hope I'm the wrong one as I'd like to see them together.

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    On the Millie and Chuck thing -- as someone who has been married to a flawed, imperfect and otherwise wonderful man for many years -- they sound very married to me, but I'm not having huge alarm signals about the relationship.

    I'm more like Millie: aggressive at turns, determined, tenacious, outspoken and able to articulate what I am feeling at any given moment. Tend to get very worked up at the time, but it passes quickly.

    Chuck is like my husband. I think of the tortise .. slow and steady wins the race. He's very solid. Very methodical. No emotional outbursts. No admissions of weakness. It's a suthernism, but he doesn't cotton to talking about what he's feeling or thinking.

    By now, Millie understands him. She knows the pitfalls. But that doesn't keep her from being committed to him.

    Katelet - i think i remember Chuck saying in earlier episodes that he hoped marriage wasn't 'like the race' -

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    Blech, methinks they need to mix up the order in the placings of NEL's in the race. Knowing the outcome in advance combined with a rather lackluster episode barely held my attention.

    I did enjoy Kelly's brilliant plan of covering the fish with her bum so they wouldn't jump (or flop) out and escape. Then again, that just might have been a very cruel way to murder the fish...

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