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Thread: AR gets an Emmy nomination

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    to everyone above. An Emmy award wouldn't hurt the ratings, either.

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    As I said earlier, I am an Emmy-idiot. I don't know the rules, etc. I stumbled onto this...
    Quote Originally Posted by www.hollywood.com
    HOLLYWOOD, July 18, 2003 -- No, it's not a mistake.

    As the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences announced the nominations for the 55th annual primetime Emmy Awards yesterday, many were baffled by the list of nods in the reality/competition program category.

    Vying for an Emmy are reality favorites American Idol, The Amazing Race, Survivor and--100 Years of Hope and Humor and AFI's 100 Years ... 100 Passions: America's Greatest Love Stories? Has the TV Academy lost its grip on reality?

    According to Variety, the problem lies in the category's name, which until this year was known as "nonfiction program (special class)." That primetime category was created in 2001 to reward the growing reality TV genre, or, as the Academy put it, to award a trophy to "programming that depicts people and/or events in dramatic circumstances with the primary intent to entertain."

    This year, however, the Academy decided to rename the category to a more modern sounding "reality/competition program," but neglected to revise the category's eligibility requirement. The result is a strange mishmash of shows that just don't fit in any other category. The newly renamed category is also dubbed "area awards," which means programs are not competing against each other and could all receive trophies--provided two-thirds of the category's judges approve.

    TV Academy awards VP John Leverence told Variety that with the continually growing roster of competition-style reality shows such as Survivor, it is probable that Academy officials will consider another category change in the future.

    "There will probably be a lot of discussion about converting this into a series category, where the reality shows compete head-to-head," Leverence said. "That's probably the direction we're heading with reality. And then maybe a new special-class award for the orphan shows that don't fit anywhere else."
    The two things I got from this are...
    (1) We're not the only ones that wonder what those "other two" shows are doing in the category.
    (2) Apparently this category is an "area award", which means multiple nominees could "win". While I'd rather see TAR outright win, I certainly wouldn't mind if it had to "share" the win. I'd say this increases the chances of TAR winning an award. Who knows, maybe it will be the only one of the nominees to be selected to "win".

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    it's well deserved

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    I'm already burnt out on AI. The best part is the first couple of shows where they show all of the auditions in various cities. When they get down to the final 10 I doubt I'll watch.

    Survivor made a good come back with this last season, and it needed to after some very boring runs.

    TAR is consitently great and deserves to win.


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    I think it would be ok for TAR to share the award with one of the two specials, if there is more than one recipient. But if there are multiple winners in the this category and TAR is not one of them, then there is something seriously wrong at the Academy.

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    It's about time The Amazing Race got more recognition!!

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    well its about time

    but all eyes are one American Idol...

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    I Want Amazing Idol To Win!!!

    No, what I meant was either Amazing Race or American Idol.
    Either or, I will be happy. 3 of my favorites are in each show:
    Reichen and Chip and Ms. Paula Abdul. But I think
    Amazing Race should win because it's costlier to produce.
    Damn! Why should they be in the same category???

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    I think TAR deserves to win considering the the damn huge amount of
    effort put in to produce.....Jerry has done a great job

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    From what I've been reading regarding the production, Jerry Bruckheimer is more of an overseer, financier, while Bertram Van Munster is the guy taking care of all the logistics and is more involved in the mechanics of the actual game. Even though it looks extremely stressful, I would love to have Bertram's job

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