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Thread: Favorite Moments

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    Favorite Moments

    First with Happy... Indian guy washing clothes and Kelly swallowing a bit
    of the dirty splash of water into her mouth saying
    "Am gonna get a diarrhea goddamnit!"

    Jarree: "Let me take it! You're such a dumbass!"
    saying to Tian grabbing the map.

    Tian doing the bull drag race.

    Now with the Sad... Reichen showing his tears in a cab when they
    arrived in India saying "What happened?"

    Tian and Jaree arriving last and being eliminated

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    1. reichen and the tear drop.

    2. the fat old guy giving the threat to tian/jaree and chip/reichen during the parking fiasco. love tian's reaction to that. (ok! im flat my tire.im just gonna eat my chips. im so afraid!)

    3. the bull race with tian.

    4. tian and jaree fighting over the map.

    5. mask roadblock

    6. jon "harassing" kelly on the train

    7. debra steve share room with reichen and chip

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    1. Teams getting emotional in India (Millie and Reichen)

    2. Tian and Jaree's major change

    3. The Mask Party

    4. Steve and Dave finally being eliminated

    5. The Bangee Jump roadblock

    6. Team's final words (often gets me emotional)

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    One of my favorite moments is when Kelly and Jon were in India washing the clothes for the clue.... and she yells when water splashes all over her... ahhaha.. then later a bit of water gets into her mouth and she yells...."Now I'm gonnna get diarrhia!"

    How does bashing your clothes against rocks in dirty water going to clean it?

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