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Thread: Chip and Reichen Photos

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    You must really be a beautiful person to produce such a wonderful son, please keep them coming.
    She's not a factory for God's sake!

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    Quote Originally Posted by John
    I hope Mom won't mind if I share the info she just sent me...I had asked about the wedding picture:
    Oww.....just looking at their wedding photo makes me all teary eyed. Thanks, Mum, AGAIN for your generosity.

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    Thanx for the new pics mum!! I like the halloween one! I am guessing they are dressed as the vampires from "Interview with a Vampire" which might I add is one of my all time favorite books!

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    Your point?

    Quote Originally Posted by TheFlying
    She's not a factory for God's sake!
    If I understand correctly, the statement you quoted was intended as a praise for the great person and mother that 'Mum' is. It is also no secret that R&C is far from your favorite team. However, I find it unnecessary for you to adopt a mocking tone towards another member here who has been so generous in providing us with photos of her family who happened to be TAR participants. And frankly, what's your point? Please, if you don't like R&C, fine, but don't drag their mom along with you. To me, it's distasteful. Oh, don't even try to deny it, your track record here proves it with false information and quotes, just read the other thread which I am about to point out. My advice: Enjoy these beautiful and precious pics as they are.

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    photo from last halloween party

    Quote Originally Posted by LordGarlic
    that must have been a wonderful wedding ceremony. Just out of curiosty, what is that photo supposed to be about??? Looks like halloween O_O
    Sorry, I forgot to label it.

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    Thanks a bunch once again, rcsmum. The photos are gorgeous, especially the wedding picture. Both of them look fantastic, and it's wonderful that you shared them with us fans. ^_^

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    Thank's again Mum for sharing such personal pics with us the wedding photo was really sweet, please keep them comin'

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    thanks mum!! the wedding photo looks so awesome!! thanks for sharing!!

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    Wow! Excellent pix!
    Reichen looks as great as ever. My fav is the one where he's laughing (with his braces shown). We rarely see him laugh in the show and its nice to see a diffrerent side of him. He's also got those eyes which seems to penetrate through you and make your knees weak.... or maybe its just me!

    I agree with Iris, Chip looks dorky in his pic. I can't help but snicker when I saw it. But he is still very attractive. I still see that charm in him that makes me like him so much! (He's actually more of my type than Reichen).

    Thanks to Reichen's mom and dad sooo much!!!!! More Pix!

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    Crap! I apologize for my previous post, I didn't see the newer pics that were posted. Sorry!

    Reichen's mom is so nice! Thanks a million for sharing the pics! Luv all of them- from the plane, to the wedding to the great looking vamipres! Thanks!

    You rock!

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