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Thread: Amazing Race and the Early Show??

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    Amazing Race and the Early Show??

    Hey have they had ALL the teams on the Friday after their elimination? I know they had the models but anyone else?

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    I believe Monica&Sheree were the first ones on TES. Then Tian&Jaree. I missed both of them on the actual show, but if you go to TES website you can watch the full segments from when they were on there. There is also an interview with Phil from the morning of the TAR4 premiere. I just watched them all yesterday.

    Here are the links...
    Phil's TAR4 premiere interview
    Monica & Sheree
    Tian & Jaree

    With each one you can read the text, but there is also a section on the page titled "Multimedia", with a link titled "Video". Click that and it will launch a new window. You'll need to have RealPlayer I think. It will take a few seconds for the video to get buffered before it starts to play. And then a generic "cbs news" video intro plays for about 4-5 seconds. Then it will buffer the actual video and begin playing it. They are each a few minutes long.

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    Thanx for the links Ohh Chip and Reichen took care of Tian and Jaree coolio

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    Kelly and Jon are good people?...well, they were certainly put into a bad light on the show

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    lol yea.. Maybe the models never heard them talking about others..? lol

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