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Thread: which team will make it to the final 3

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    It's hard to predict the final three, although there's only 5 teams left.

    I predicted that Tian and Jaree would be in the final 3, but I was wrong.

    Top 3:
    1. Millie and Chuck
    2. David and Jeff
    3. Kelly and Jon

    Anything can happen in the race, and physically fit teams might not make it into the finals. Remember the twins and the Frats in AR3 and AR1? The twins lost because of one silly yet fatal blunder and the Frats lost because of a slow taxi. And just when we thought Teri and Ian would be the early ones to exit, they stayed on till the finals. Somehow, I think that the clowns will be eliminated next, followed by Reichen and Chip

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    I think the final 3 will be: Reichen and Chip, David and Jeff, and Jon and Al. In that order of winning too!!! I hope I am right...

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    So far so good...........i think
    1st: Kelly and Jon
    2nd: David and Jeff
    3rd: Reichen and Chip

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