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Thread: How far do/did you think each team will go?

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    How far do/did you think each team will go?

    As for today's (June 30th's) remaining teams:

    Reichen & Chip- Very competitive. Make mistakes, but are quick to catch and repair them. Have shown consistently high ranks (arrived early). Very athletic. Also, still have their fast forward.

    Monica & Sheree- Persistent and supportive, also play the game well- always moving as fast as they can, even when they know they're in the lead. Already used fast forward.

    Jon & Al- Fun, optimistic, competitive. Semi-alliance with Millie & Chuck (another strong team). Athletic enough. Fast forward to be used.

    Millie & Chuck- God on their side. Competitive, smart players. Some internal tension. Semi-alliance with the clowns. Athleticism a plus. No remaining fast forward.

    Kelly & Jon- No other team would dream of allying with them. Internal tensions. Have done well, though, and seem to have no weaknesses beyond personality. Fast forward to be used.

    Tian & Jaree- Least athletic of remaining teams, especially Jaree. Major internal tension. Tian ready to give up. A few close calls. No remaining fast forward. Still, good strategy and deceptively smart.

    Duhvid & Jeff- Physically strong, but have the navigating ability of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Many small stupid mistakes, but nothing detrimental yet. Fast forward to be used.

    Based on this, here are my predictions (purely speculation) of the results:7. Tian & Jaree
    6. Duhvid & Jeff
    5. Monica & Sheree
    4. Jon & Al
    3. Jon & Kelly
    2. Millie & Chuck
    1. Reichen & Chip
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    Reichen and Chip, Monica and Sheree, and Jon and Al are the most likely final three teams. All exhibit better teamwork and good 'road smarts' so far (excepting Reichen and Chip's 'marked parking lot' snafu). Two out of the three still have a fast forward to use - something that becomes increasingly valuable the longer it's held in abeyance.

    The other four teams are either too stupid, are not competitive enough, and/or have too much internal conflict to be serious threats. One team apparently doesn't even want to continue the race and will likely be philiminated next. Two of the four have already used their FF.

    Best shot at winning: Jon and Al
    Dark horse team: Duhvid and Jeff

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    Reichen and Chip, Monica and Sheree, and Jon and Al are the three teams I want to be the final three, but the odds of having three likeable teams in the final three are not very good...

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    For some reason, I'm thinking the Final 3 might be:

    Reichen and Chip
    Monica and Sheree
    Millie and Chuck

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    I would be completely fine with that as long as any one of those teams was really Jon & Al
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    Well, unlike previous years, the only team I REALLY dislike that's still in the race is Kelly and Jon (although I certainly don't "like" Tian and Jaree), so that's pretty good odds...

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    My predictions:

    1. Reichen and Chip
    2. Monica and Sharee
    3. Jon and Al
    4. Dave and Jeff
    5. Millie and Chuck
    6. Jon and Kelly
    7. Tian and Jaree

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    My guess is a bit different

    7. Jon and Kelly
    6. David and Jeff
    5. Tian and Jaree
    4. Millie and Chuck
    The final 3 are them, but need to see how they behave in India.

    I always notice that, if one team does not appear in the preview, there is A BIGGER CHANCE that the team will be eliminated in that episode. So I guess, in India, Kelly and Jon may miss did something wrong and lead to be eliminated.

    Just I guess.

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    It's really difficult to call the elimination order, but here's my predicted final three:

    1. Monica and Sheree
    2. Jon and Al
    3. Reichen and Chip

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    I wish I could dredge up enough enthusiasm for a particular team to root them on as I have in past seasons, but I just can't do it.

    I suppose that I would like Jon and Al to win but Reichen and Chip are in much better physical condition, so barring unforseen last minute flukes, they might breeze into first place.

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