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Thread: How far do/did you think each team will go?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jayson
    I think the final three will be: Reichen & Chip, David & Jeff and Kelly & Jon.
    Hey there, Jayson! Long time no see.

    Your choice of final three sounds good to me.

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    After seeing the undeserving and thoroughly annoying Flo as part of the winning TAR 3 team, I don't think I can stand it if Kelly and Jon win. :mad:

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    Jughead Jones
    Obviously, Monica and Sheree are now gone, but here's my take.

    JON/AL: My favourite team as of now. They use humour to get themselves through any situation, and while they made a couple of mistakes in the last leg, I believe they have the determination to leap ahead again...and besides, they still have a Fast Forward.

    MILLIE/CHUCK: They've kind of drifted apart over the race, but it doesn't seem to deter from their plan of winning the race. They work good as a team (at least on the challenges), and they are both pretty good thinkers, so they might just make it to the top three.

    REICHEN/CHIP: The "Chippendales" are kind of touch and go with me. Some legs I think they're great racers...other legs, they end up as blithering idiots!!! The fact that they have yet to use the Fast Forward option could prove as a wild card to determine if they stay in the race.

    KELLY/JON: Like Reichen/Chip, the Fast Forward could be their wild card as to whether they stay in the race or not. I will say though that Kelly's mocking of Millie/Chuck is unwarranted in my opinion, and she's slowly irritating me right now, but they do seem to work together as a team on many levels, so who knows.

    DAVID/JEFF: Hmmm...We did see a lot more of these guys in leg #6, but I still can't make a judgement...maybe by leg #7, we'll know everything about them, including their shoe size!

    TIAN/JAREE: They don't nearly annoy me as much as they did in the beginning, but I think luck is a key factor as to why they're still in the race, especially since they were nearly eliminated twice!

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