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Thread: TVGuide's 10 things about THE AMAZING RACE

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    TVGuide's 10 things about THE AMAZING RACE

    I read somewhere (possibly in another thread here) that TAR would have an article in TV Guide magazine. Hoping I hadn't already missed it in a previous issue, I picked one up last night--it's the one that goes through July 4. NOTE to TV Guide--I NEVER buy your magazine, so you really should thank TAR for the extra sale.

    Anyway, they weren't the "pictured" feature on the cover. Of course not--instead we get Kelly Ripa and "husband Mark", with their headline being "How Kelly Ripa Keeps Her Marriage Hot...Even with 3 Kids, 2 TV Series and Husband Mark's Movie Career". Blah, blah, blah. I say put a picture of Millie & Chuck strapped to a windmill in The Netherlands--much more interesting. (And no, this doesn't mean I only like M&C, or even that they are my favorite, it is but one fine example of something that is unexpected that we get to see week after week--masquerade balls, snow rafting, gondola rides, cheese markets, fertilizer farms, champagne waltzes, bungee jumps, race cars, and I am sure I have missed a few and that's just 5 episodes in 1 season!!!!!!!)

    So, TAR isn't pictured on the cover, but are we at least mentioned.......no. That blows.

    But they do get a full 2-page, color spread dedicated article. It's on pages 28-29.

    Couple of pictures. The main one (about 40% of one page) is in Vienna showing Millie&Chuck and Reichen&Chip running down a street. Another one of Millie&Chuck "rappelling" down the mtn in ep1 (although you really can't tell it's them). One of Russell&Cindy snow rafting in ep2 (again can't really tell it's them).

    The article then divulges 10 facts about the show. The intro paragraph states "...As Season 4 kicks into gear, we get the scoop on TV's most exciting reality show" Ain't that the truth.

    I learned a few little tidbits of info from the article. Some I already knew, some I strongly suspected, others were new to me. Let's just say we still have several unanswered questions. I'd hate to cut into TV Guide's sales by giving away the whole thing. Any TAR fanatic would surely want to go out and grab a copy for themself, so I won't give away all of the details. Maybe after it's off the newstands in a week or so, I (or someone else) will post more details on their 10 facts.

    Another factoid from my TV Guide experience. Of course I had to look up the listing for TAR on Thursday night. It is listed as "Amazing Race 4--Contest". You know how some of us suspect that TAR's ratings suffer a bit from some people's general refusal to watch any reality. Well, at least TV Guide lists us as Contest, although I don't think that helps our cause any. I watch no other "reality" shows that are currently on, but scoured the listings and found these...
    "American Juniors--Reality"
    "Dog Eat Dog--Contest"
    "Last Comic Standing--Contest"

    And a few others were not tagged as either Reality or Contest...
    "Fear Factor"
    "Paradise Hotel"
    "For Love or Money"
    "Meet My Folks"
    "America's Next Top Model"
    "Boarding House: North Shore"
    "Dating Experiment"
    Maybe TV Guide, like many of us, are hoping these all just go away before they have to decide how to classify them???

    Why can't they just classify TAR as Drama like other 'normal' shows. I think there is usually enough drama to qualify. Although the comic relief we get at times is priceless, it probably wouldn't qualify TAR to be classified as a Comedy. Or maybe call it Adventure, or Travel. Or you know that show on Fox Sports "Best Damn Sports Show, Period"...maybe we could change the title to "The Amazing Race 4--Best Damn Travel Adventure Show, Period". *Fox's lawyers salivate at the very thought*

    (edited to shorten the subject line)
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    Re: TVGuide's 10 things about THE AMAZING RACE

    Originally posted by CantGetEnufTAR
    I say put a picture of Millie & Chuck strapped to a windmill in The Netherlands--much more interesting.
    I think they should have put Jon and Al slinging poo at each other.

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    Too bad TAR didn't make the cover. What will it take to get more good publicity about this show?

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    Well Geez... Kelly Ripa really deserves a cover. Look at all she's contributed to the world of television. I know I anxiously look forward to each episode of LIVE.
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    I hope with every fiber of my being that was sarcasm...

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    Don't hate me. I love Kelly Ripa. I'm going to be watching her new show (Hope & Faith, or Faith & Hope, I can't remember), and I've been addicted to Regis & Kelly.

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    I like Kelly too, but she has been on enough covers...would have loved to seen the clowns on this one (or the ATC's lugging cheese)
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