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Thread: CBS Popularity Rankings

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    CBS Popularity Rankings

    Well, I'm getting the distinct impression that CBS got their popularity rankings mixed up for this week. If you notice Jon and Al went from the most popular to least popular team, while Tian and Jaree did the opposite. Honestly, does anyone believe these are accurate...?


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    I was really surprised that Jon and Al have 20%! They're not my favorite, but I like them and I didn't think they'd be that low.

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    Wow, that can't be right. Maybe T&J called all their friends and asked them to sway the vote.
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    hehe, they got it fixed... Jon and Al dropped to 75% while Tian and Jaree is at 43%

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    The CBS voting is usually a little screwy.
    I haven't checked for TAR, but I know for Survivor they only post the total once a week, so someone could do something in one episode that makes them really disliked and it doesn't show in the voting for a week.

    Also, you can vote as many times as you like and not only give the team you like ten points each time, but give a team you dislike one point, so a few people doing that can really change the totals.
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