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Thread: Eel Feel Like a Slippery WHAT?? TAR 4 ep 5 recap

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    This past weekend some friends and I had and "Amazing Marathon" and watched all the episodes thus far. It's really interesting how differently some of them act and interact in earlier episodes.

    Kelly starts off the whole thing so positive, and saying how she's just gonna be in it for fun while jon is like "go go go". Of course, she's still complaining about how he's treating her in the race and how she needs to be 50%, so i wonder if she has any clue about her and jon's interactions at all or if she's mistaking them for another team...

    But on the whole, Kelly and Jon were MUCH more likable early on- Kelly didn't even blame Jon when the taxi took them to the top of Trampolino Olimpico and they both slid down sans raft.
    And I sing sometimes like my life is at stake because you're only as loud as the noises you make.

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    nice job as usual girl. I loved when john told rechin he would punch his eye out if he cut in line...how slimey

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    Great read, Cali!

    I can't wait for Kelly and Jon to be eliminated. I about fell over this week when she complained about how Jon treats her; I think this was the first episode that she didn't call him an idiot or a moron! If she wants to be treated with respect, she needs to treat him with respect as well. The thing that cracks me up is that every time she's complained that he isn't listening to her and rerates him because she thinks they're going the wrong way, he proves her wrong. How is he supposed to treat her?

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    Great job, Cali!
    At the airport they get mad at some other teams, get out of the Air France line, and head over to the British Airways counter where they score. No, not with each other, they score great tickets. Gee people.

    ... and after a short discussion where I'm pretty sure Chuck isn't allowed to speak ...

    How are we supposed to know them, if they refuse to open up about their lives?

    David is concerned that his yelling will make him seem intense. I'm concerned that he actually thinks they have had any airtime this season.

    They seem to be in overdrive, and hurry off to find The Smoker, after finding Jaree, they realize that they have the wrong one, and head off to find the statue.

    Kelly finds the clue, we know this because she starts shrieking "I found it, I found it" so I mute it I mute it.

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    Thanks Guys

    Sheela... that's cool, you quoted some of my favorite lines too
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    I'm going to ditto Miss Filangi here - just yesterday I asked the man in Barnes & Noble if they had any Finding Nemo books, just as I stood in front of a giant fish display.

    Nope, I wouldn't make detective

    As for T&J, the only reason they need to be here is for good catfight purposes.

    And M&C - a CRUISE? She'll be puffing on her inhaler and Chuck will be on the tip of the ship singing a bad Celine Dion song trying to excape his claustrophobia.

    John and Al and Monica and Sheree seem to be my top 3 favorites right now. Really trying to win and having fun in the meantime.

    Edited to say - excellent recap Cali! Sorry I forgot that the first time!

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    Sorry, I'm late in reading this. Love the recap as always.

    Laughed several times.

    And must say that just last week I was looking ALL over the place for my cordless phone - and was about to ask someone if they knew where I put it when I realized I was talking on it. DUH.

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