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Thread: Ep. 6: "I Could Never Have Been Prepared For What I'm Looking At Right Now" 07/03

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    I seem to recall watching the previews where they show the teams running, all the women are in tank tops and shorts...

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    Originally posted by dobolina
    Hey eiren... to the FORT!

    I saw that clip on the train. Kelly was referring to Football and baseball player Deion Sanders as someone who would have been a very athletic partner that could *maybe* keep up with Tian.
    wow i totally misinterpreted that one huh? ha ha ha thanks for straightening out my confusion

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    T/J have reacted assertively to unwanted male attention in the past:
    from Jaree's pre-race interview:
    She enjoys drinking with her teammate, and says that their worst experience together was getting kicked out of a bar in Geneva: some guy grabbed Jaree, so she punched him out, breaking his glasses.
    If they were in fact molested, I would have no problem with the perv(s) being tossed out of the train.

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    Originally posted by LordGarlic
    I think that the risky flight definately has to be a transfer through a dangerous city, maybe through tel aviv (israel if i'm correct).
    I would not consider Tel Aviv a dangerous city, quite the opposite as a matter of fact. It is one of the most guarded/safest airports in the world! I would rather transfer through Tel Aviv than New York or London :cool:


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