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Thread: What are your favorite TAR quotes?

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    This one is more along the lines of the most notorious TAR quote:

    "Zaaaaaaaaaaach!!" - Flo

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    1. Helpful French woman pointing: "la, la ...".
    Jon in car: "The French are idiots".
    [Kind of reminds me of the current political quarrel between the two countries.]
    TAR 4 - Jon & Kelly got lost finding pit stop in French country side.

    2. Flo: “You Always Just Forget About Me!”.
    TAR 3 - Flo to Zach – whinging and whining as usual.

    3. Will & Tara: “I’m Not a Miner, No, You’re an Idiot”.
    TAR 2 – Will admitting he wasn’t a miner and Tara finishing his statement, when they struggled with a Fast Forward.

    4. Monica: "WinnersNever Win, and They Cheated”
    TAR 4 – Monica to Sheree after Steve and Josh jump a queue(right at the beginning of the race).

    5. Jon Vito: “Did You See How I Stopped it? With My Face”
    TAR 3 – John Vito to Jill – triumphant after finishing a road block involving soccer balls.

    6. Peach: “I’m Going to Throw Up on Phil’s Shoes”.
    TAR 2 - Peach said it after drinking some nasty tea and fearing she and her sister, Mary would be eliminated.

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