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Thread: Being hated advantage or disadvantage?

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    I don't think being hated is an advantage. I think you can withold information, use directions to your advantage and play hard. Doing that isn't cheating and it shouldn't make you hated. While T & J were told to park in a way that made them ahead of everyone, I was fine with the fact that the others argued them down. If you are going to make a move like that and take advantage of it, you got to have a spine to stand up to everyone else yelling at you and do it. They didn't, it's like they wanted people to just say "oh go ahead then if you were told to do that."
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    Both T & J and R&C told the others what happened and they blew them off they wouldn't listen

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    In the last race (AR3) Ken and Gerald were very adamant about giving information to some teams. I remember telling Terri (from Ian and Terri) very politely that they couldn't help (and I think that happened many teams with them.)

    You don't have to be rude or lie, just say "I can't help you."
    If the other teams don't understand it's not your fault, it's a race after all.

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