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Thread: Where do posts dissappear off to?

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    Movie Star7

    Where do posts dissappear off to?

    Hey...I'm new here and I posted a message about my feelings towards a few teams in particular and how I'm a newbie here and so on and so forth...but I can't find it...How does this board work because navigating it seems weird to me...when you post something...can it get deleted(even though my post was not the least bit offensive)...or I mean that arranges the order of which appears first and which appears second? Just curious so I know for later future posts...

    and where did my post go lol

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    For Your Entertainment lobeck's Avatar
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    MS7...first of all, to the FORT!

    The other post you've made is in the "Reichen and Chip" thread.

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    Moviestar, you started a new thread to talk about R&C, and we already have a thread for them - so I moved it into there.

    If you ever wonder where your post went to, you can click on "Search" below one of your posts, and it will bring up every post you've ever made.

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