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Thread: The Amazing Race 1 & 2

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    Even though Paul does get pissed off quite a lot, there's a moment where he talks to the camera very frankly that shows what his true motivation is (Amy). It's in the South of France after the taxi cab they called ahead for was taken by Emily and Nancy. He looks at the camera and says: "I get so pissed that she gets so upset every single day. This is her baby she wanted to do this I never wanted to do this race. I'm doing it for her and she's cried every single day and it just infuriates me." Though this can be taken as Paul being mad at Amy being a crybaby, I took it as him hating the fact she's giving herself so much heartache over her race. Also during their last leg when Amy was puking in the bad, Paul obviously said he wanted to quit many times because she was so sick.

    I thought Blake and Paige were very close too but I really didn't mind it. I think more brothers and sisters should be this close. They had a lot of brotherly/sisterly love going on and that's fine with me.

    CantGetEnufTAR - I agree with the Guido constantly being off the mark on their placement and looking dissapointed about it. I loved watching that. And of course I was rooting for Kim and Leslie "That's the stupid tunnel - for stupid people" to get eliminated in Paris. I just didn't like their move with the taxicab at the airport.

    Oh and CantGetNuf, I got the episodes directly off someone else. Took a lot of downloading.
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    Originally posted by John
    Dave & Margaretta were the best couple-team ever. It's too bad that they just didn't have enough gas in the tank.
    John! I loved them so much! I was proud of them for getting as far as they did and I loved how everyone was there clapping for them when they came it. They are the oldest team that has been on the show, right?

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    Wow... I want to rewatch

    Fun, Fun, Fun!!
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    Yeah I'd like to see more bro-sis teams on the race...my sister and myself, for starters

    Too bad she isn't 21 yet. I'd seriously love to do the amazing race w/ her.
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