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Thread: The "Team Number One"/Even Numbered Leg Curse

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    both Dennis & Andrew last season and the Guido from TAR 1 managed to show up last after taking the FF in a leg, so everyone is right. I would not agree that Rob and Brennan were able to maintain their first episode FF lead throughout the whole game, as there was considerable "bunching" from time equalizers such as flights and event opening times, even in the first season of the show.
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    Ken & Gerard and Derek & Drew took the FF in the first 2 rounds last season. Certainly didn't hurt them as they made it to the top 4 in the end. But I agree that the NFL wives shouldn't have taken it unless they were really in a dire situation.

    Pretty funny though, the FF race in the first leg between O Brothers and the twins... the O Brothers took a cab to the marketplace because they knew they wouldn't be able to beat the twins!

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    The thing about both the teams mentioned above is that they ran a very clean race all throughout - no major bickering, fighting, mistakes, etc. You can get away with using the FF so early, but you have to run a pretty much mistake-free race from that point on.

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    probably doesn't mean anything, but it's neat to know
    Well it doesn't mean anything in particular, it's not like anyone can sabatoge the race or something.
    I'm sure it doesn't mean anything either. It was just a pattern with regards to philimination that I've noticed so far, that's all.

    I named the thread as such merely because I wanted to attract more attention to it.

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    The only thing first to last means is that the FF may be less of factor this year. It may save a poor team with bad luck one week, but if your still a poor team it won't keep you up in the pack. Getting the FF means that the team will have to think on their own when leaving the pit stop. We were shown that Dave and Steve and Josh and Steve were not good thinking on there own.

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    Josh was insistant on taking the train instead of the taxi to the airport. i had read somewhere that s/j ran out of gas and they also lost leaving the lemans. Also I thought that Josh seemed too concern with what other teams are/ or would do.

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    Also- in season 1, the moms that finished first in the first leg went to the wrong museum on the detour in paris and wound up in last place.

    There's been a huge increase in equalizers since teh first season, especially in later legs. Remember how the Guidos wound up a full day behind the first two teams all because of falling behind in Bangkok, with 5 teams left? They never caught up, but luckily (for the guidos) the frat boys fell behind...
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    Hopefully the racers will come to see that the FF is only ever going to get you out of a tough spot this season, not propel you into a lasting lead.
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    Originally posted by fluff
    Hopefully the racers will come to see that the FF is only ever going to get you out of a tough spot this season, not propel you into a lasting lead.
    I totally agree with you... See how Amanda and Chris fall from Top position on Ep. 1 to being eliminated in Ep. 2 clearly shows that this season's Amazing Race is pretty unpredictible. Steve and Josh are also yet another example. To survive in the race, I gusee you really have to put in a lot more effort and energy, besides cleverness this time around. Bunching is to blame also.

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