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Thread: Previous Amazing Races - on DVD?

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    Quote Originally Posted by invisible777
    I e-mailed CBS some time ago also and got this response:


    Thank you for contacting the CBS Online Store.

    We do not have any plans to release "Amazing Race" at this time...great idea though! We will certainly pass this suggestion!

    Keep watching CBS!

    Customer Service


    My idea: everyone send these guys an e-mail... if all these suggestions get "passed along", who knows what'll happen


    Next, this is to the people who wish to get previous episodes of The Amazing Race.

    First, your not going to find them on Kazaa, even if you see them good luck downloading them.

    The only way to get them is from the source.

    Using mIRC or another IRC client connect to irc.irchighway.net Port 6667. Now enter channel #survivor-central Type !amazing race! and press accept. Your now in someone's fserver. This guy has every episode from every season in crystal clear quality. Queue it up, get in line and let it download.

    If !amazing race! is clogged and it usually is, type !list in the channel to find other fservers hosting episodes.

    Please keep in mind I am not the one hosting or distrubuting these files.
    I sent a feedback to CBS trying to convince them to have TAR DVDs out weeks ago, and I haven't heard anything from them yet. My brother wrote an e-mail to the CBS Online Store, and I believe he got a reply identical to yours. Man, I really hope they're coming out with DVDs, because TAR is the best reality TV show on earth.

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    I've e-mailed CBS.com about it before, they said no plans.

    I'd kill for AR3 on DVD...

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    acid jazz
    whatsup with cbs ... how come they don't have any plans on releasing a dvd of TAR? arrrrggghhhhh, they have to .....
    ohh man ... well maybe we should just keep on requesting for that.

    The Amazing Race is the best among all reality shows!!! Go TAR Go! Go Go Go!!!

    TAR Rocks! Long Live The Amazing Race!!! HORAY!

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