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Thread: Who Is Your Least Favorite Team?

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    Jeff is my least favorite person but David is just fine. If I were to pick someone to do the amazing race, the last person I would pick is Jaree.

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    I would have to say Chip and Reichen and David and Jeff are my least favorites. (maybe because I keep getting them all confused) closely followed by Kelly and Jon and Tian and Jaree. Kelly and Jaree are the main reasons I don't like those two teams. Both women are annoying me greatly.
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    After last night my least favorite is Kelly, although Jon doesn't bug me.

    Calling the ATC's the Big Fat Guys is so juvenile imo.
    She was bratty last night.

    I like Monica and Sheree.
    I imagine they are just responding to questions they're asked in those lkittle interview segments.
    The show has them billed as NFL wives, so I guess it was always the intension to play up that connection.

    Up until last night Millie had made many references to her relationship with Chuck because the show is playing up the "virgins" angle.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    Reichen and Chip, hands down. Kelly and Jon is coming close; even Flo wasn't was whiny at this point in TAR 3.

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    Kelly and Jon, Chip and Reichen. I like everyone else. Even Chip and Reichen aren't that bad, they just are a little overbearing for my tastes.
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    KELLY and JON!!! They are a terrible combination, the two of them--she especially. She is WAY whiny but she also really, really nags him to do things that are WRONG and will set them back. He's this passive-agressive, confrontation-adverse guy who ignores her instead of taking their time while sleeping in the car or whatever to work out a way of working with her. Just terrible. Can't stand them. Every week I am sending them slow down, take-a-wrong-turn mental vibes.

    All other annoyances are really minor. The models bother me a bit with their bickering, but that's NOTHING compared to how much I can't stand Kelly and Jon.

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    Is my point clear on that last post? Don't like Kelly b/c she is whiny AND stupid.

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    FUNNY FUNNY!!!! Before i mentioned that tian and jaree will never be my favorite...but guess what...tian is my favorite player...only if jaree stop whining they will become my fav team...

    kelly and jon...for my fav team

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    upps!...sorry i mispost...this is the least not that the favorite...

    anyway, my least fav is the homer and bart simpson...they got eliminated anyway so im picking...the oldies....they are so borrringg!!!

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    and the "watch your tire comment"...uh huh!...if only jill of jonvito were there...she'll said chill out!

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