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Thread: Why do you like TAR?

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    That already happened when Chris and Amanda went from first to last, which angered one of posters on this site. She was really mad about it and kept ranting about it...I found that to be really unpleasant actually.

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    I think that week was somewhat unfair, because the equalizer was so close to the roadblock. However, for the most part, I think it's exciting to see who comes in last when they all have been competing in several tasks where you're not sure where each team is measuring up. Generally, the equalizer is toward the beginning or middle of the leg, but that leg was simply a fluke - actually I've seen all four seasons and I can't recall ever seeing an equalizer at the very end of the leg like that...

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    I prefer how people win TAR. It's all down to your luck and making as little critical mistakes as possible in the race. So it's more "fair" in that sense. I hate it though when I see my favourites teams philliminated because of bad directions. Like Steve and Josh last week and JV and Jill last season

    And you've got to love seeing all the places they've gone to - the sights and stuff can be really breathtaking. Ever since watching TAR, I've listed down places like Venice and Portugal as places I want to go to.

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    I like it because the tasks (e.g roadblocks, FFs, detour) they did are really exciting and "authentic", not some game shows stuff.
    The tasks are carefully designed with some cultrual elements in them. So that's why I like it.
    Moreover, I really want to see some competitions,
    NOT lying, cheating, bullying, fake- erotic romance, immoral stuff

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    Except for TAR and AI, I haven't found any of the other so-called
    reality shows to be worth the investment of my time.

    I like TAR because I can see myself doing and enjoying that type of competition, but can't imagine being on that piece-of-crap show Survivor.

    I love travel - both the armchair variety and the real thing. It's exciting to watch the teams travel to exotic locales where they (mostly) don't speak the language and have to navigate to various destinations. I experience a pleasant flashback when they go to a country I've visited, and a real streak of envy when they go to some place that I want to visit but haven't.

    Unfortunately, I'm not enjoying the 4th season as much as the first three. That doesn't keep me from watching it ever week, though!

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